Friday, September 14, 2012

Hot Foreskin play Zahn and Dimata Comic Page By RUBENSUM

Hey guys! TGIF and even more so, cause I have something very special to share with you all. This was a birthday gift for Patrick Fillions birthday from myself and Rubensum. This our second collaboration on a comics page and also the second one to feature a Class Comics and Dinosaurprince's Kingdom pairing as well! This time we went with Dimata the Mammoth man and Zahn the son of winter. Barbarian meets beast with explosive results!

This idea started with the third panel in and then Rub, who just adores drawing comics, added in the rest of the amazing panels around it. He worked really quickly on this and it was done before I knew it. The characters both turned out amazingly sexy. It's no surprise, as Rubensum asked so many questions regarding their designs. The close up of Dimatas flaccid cock is mouth watering. Zahn in the first panel is just to die for. Dimatas innocent look of wonder and surprise as Zahn digs into his foreskin is just too delightful. I can't congratulate Rub enough on another brilliant page. I originally was going to put some dialog on the page and maybe one day I will do just that. It certainly deserves it. :)

Rubensum not only loves to draw, but also to do different versions too. This softer toned page is heavenly.

Check out the hairy chested Dimata version! ^O^ So rugged! XD

Thanks so much Rubensum.


  1. Ugh! This is hotter than hot! Awesome work, guys!

  2. This is making me almost as hard as they are. Nice job, you guys!

  3. man 3 ver , DP you already showered too much *nyehehehehehe



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