Saturday, September 8, 2012

Son of Captain N

Over on Guytoonist and Aneros's new blog, they decided that this weeks theme was to be 80s characters. Aneros took on Captain N and Guytoonist took on Orco of He-Man fame. They both turned out really cool.

Full Res:

This new take on Captain N looks like the product of Kevin and Simon Belmont having a son he's so built and sexy. XD If he is the son of Kevin, I hope he's not a douche like his dad. Either way he looks totally fitted to this generation of game playing kids. He's got his Wii controller and his trendy, er nerdy Nintendo Belt. His open shirt and hoodie is still very 80s/90s. (Seeing him with that hoddie makes me wonder if he is playing Wii Punch-Out? You have to be a Game Master to beat that thing.) Speaking of hoodies, I wonder if this Kevin is cut, or uncut? COME ON ANEROS WE NEED SOME DICK! LOL. Hopefully we will see more of him and this will not be game over.

You have no idea how excited I was for this show.

I'm only gonna preview Orco. You will have to click the link to catch this in all it's glory. ;) This blog is churning out so many great ideas.

Ocro has the power! Don't leave that sword lying around Prince Adam...
Bet you never thought you would see a sexy Orco!
The Full Picture:


  1. Awesome guys, nice :D Orko is one tough dude :D

  2. You have no idea HOW MUCH I love Captain N. Loved it 4-EVER.

    1. My heart used to soar every time the intro started. I can't find the words to describe how excited I was to see my favorite characters up there on the screen. We didn't get the Super Mario Super Show in my area for another year. All we had was Captain N, but I loved it even more for that fact.



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