Saturday, June 13, 2015

Tadashi Hamada Bears All For Muh Birthday

Hello guys, it's been a super busy week and a very exciting day. I got to see Jurassic World this afternoon. It was interesting, but not really much of a game changer for the franchise. I could do a review, but let's just say not much has changed in 20 years, except that the dinosaurs are still 1000 times smarter than the humans that created them. Speaking of Movies, you already saw from the title and the two images below that I was given what I REALLY wanted out of Big Hero Six, a awesome shot of Tadashi, big brother of Hero, totally naked and fully turned on. Urbanmusiq and his boyfriend Alex saw how much I was fawning over the character back when the movie came out. (I pasted waaaaaaaaaay too many images on Facebook at the time!) It's shame he doesn't have a larger role, but he does have something else that is very large!  (Thanks to Leons skilled pen.) I got a choice regarding his cocks status, which was awesome. I went with cut. I just felt that he was such an 'all American', that it fit perfectly. It would perfectly fit in a lot of places...pairs with Herc in my mind...
I think my favorite part of his body besides THAT are his warm smile and elfish eyes.  He could charm the pants off anyone!  Thank you Leon and Alex for this very thoughtful, beautiful and boner inducing gift.  

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