Saturday, June 27, 2015

Foreskin Torture

Good morning and super happy pride weekend wishes to you all.  Seems our brothers in the USA have a little something more to be celebrating this weekend, with gay marriage now legal throughout the country.  Now you guys stuck in long term relationships have nothing to hold you back.  (You could almost feel the moisture of sweat forming from across the boarder.)

Speaking of uncomfortable perspiration, Rex is in dire straits, once again!  In this newest piece of art that I very proudly share with you today by Master Phausto, Deep is up to some new tricks.  Lil Deep has once again captured the captain of the Dinosaur Prince's guards, but this time he is subjecting him to a new brand of sexual torture.  With shackles forming a tight grip around the base of his cock and balls, Deep hopes to keep Rex hard and prevent him from cumming for as long as he desires.  With his blood stuck in his shaft and the passion ever mounting, Rex's cock stretches and grows like never before. The pain is intense, but then, so is the pleasure. His balls ache to release, but cannot.  Deep has a plan.  He hopes through this, Rex will wind up as big as he is.  A dick to match his own is something he has desired for some time.

 He applies clamps to Rex's foreskin and pulls it high above his cock head.  The clamps open and stretch the lips way beyond their comfort zone.  Rex closes his eyes in pain.  A tear escapes his brave eyes. Deep gently runs his fingers up and down the green shaft.  He whispers to Rex "Dere, dere, be brave my warriah. Once I am done witch cha, You'll have a cock to rival me own.  Dat foreskin be stretch so good, you will be able to dock me."  Deep moves closer, licks Rex's neck and continues in a voice hot enough to melt bricks, "And I want dat more than ya can imagine."  Rex blushes and swallows hard.  As he invites into his mind the image of dick domineering the megalodon man, the cum in his balls screams for release.  He yells out in pain, but in his find a single thought keeps repeating that maybe it won't be so bad...

Well everyone is at pride this weekend, I am sure to be held hostage by my Splatoon addiction.  Almost 100 hours in. I might as well enjoy it, before they put in the nerf patch that will neuter the best abilities next week. Sucks to be under Nintendos dictatorship.  1/4 of the stages on the disc have been released from their lock up on the disc.  Ugh...We pay money, have a physical copy of the game, but in reality we own nothing. 

Speaking of octopi,if you are going to the beach, I can recommend this towel. A nice little Game & Watch Octopus spoof.  It has a bit of pride to it, what with two gay men at a hot spring, about to be involved in some tentacle rape. :P  Now that's a retro game even the newest generation of gay gamers can get into. :P

Speaking of which, have you guys seen Genelightfoots newest animation? It's a sequel image to a stripshow comic Leon De Leon and Patrick did a couple years back now.  I must say that Gene's foreskin animation is extremely nicely done.  Poor Mako, he's cum 100 times since I started typing this!
I posted the original comic below.  Enjoy!

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