Friday, April 27, 2012

Sorta Sexy Nintendo

So back in the day when Zelda 2 came out, one of the aspects that attracted me to the game was the sexy way they portrayed Link in the television commercial. I remember being very attracted to the model in the ad. You only got to see him for a few brief seconds, but that didn't matter. I got a good enough look at his chiseled face, long flowing hair and hot form. It was the kind of ad that made me, as a young man, want to be this character. I wonder who played Link? Here's some screen shots followed by the actual TV spot.

Link almost looks naked here! XD

Looking at this ad, led me to two other discoveries. Remember the pages in the original Legend of Zelda Manual that had images that looked like they came out of an anime?

Well, for years I wondered if there was a Zelda anime. What I found, though blurry, does show that these images were at least in part animated. This commercial for the Famicom Disk system uses them, though not always in the exact same way as they are pictured in the book. It was great after 24 years to finally figure out where these images originated from.

The advertisements for Mario Picross on Super Famicom are filled with muscle men working on a giant stone Mario Face. It's more wacky then sexy, but worth a look!

Here is the commercial:

That was just some stuff to snack on before I post some porn later.


  1. Ah what memories, but you know the recent like 2000 Zelda April fools suppose movie was well done for Ocarina of Time almost LOTR-ish touch remember that?

    1. Yup I remember that. It had a sexy guy playing Link as I recall.



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