Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Man with a HORSE DICK Explained

Some of you will recall a blog post last year where I poked a little fun at the unfortunate shape of a models penis. Some blamed it on circumcision, even I suspected that. Well, one day while looking for new porn I came across a model called Justin LeBeau from Squirts. This UNCUT lad had the same issue. This guy was suffering from the same ailment. Turns out both probably have Hypospadias. I found out the name of the disorder due to people pointing it out by in the comment section of the porn blog where I found his pictures.
You can check it out on Wikipedia, but I will warn you, there are some graphic images present.


Yeah, you come to Dinosaurprince's Kingdom for porn and now you learn something. Yay... XD
(I just, I just used lad in a sentence back there, but how else do you describe this guy?)


  1. Hey! there's nothing wrong to add a bit knowledge on things like this :D or some facts as well who knows Dp will be National Geographic of Pron :D

  2. john gerasimov jgerasimov@yahoo.seJune 30, 2012 at 2:46 PM

    I have almost the same dickhead! not a little hole but a slit. and it work perfect!!! (I´m UNcut!!)

    1. That's cool to know that it's fine even with this condition. :) There is no worries then.

  3. check out http://www.hypospadias-emotions.com for more information!



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