Friday, April 27, 2012

Sexy Game Barbarian

I never played, or even heard of Death Sword, but DAMN that is some FINE barbarian meat on display! I would have been tempted to play this if I had seen this cover. :P

Here are some randoms:

They look like Curly and Moe the Barbarians. @__@

Speaking of The Three Stooges, I saw the movie the other day. It was pretty much as awesome as a tribute to something can be. Lots of movies come out and are pale examples of what they are trying to recreate. Even good ones like the Adams Family and Flintstones miss the mark here and there. The Stooges actually recreates the look, feel, sound and actions of the film shorts. It's wacky, silly, stupid, not PC at all and very, very, funny, without being rude, swearing, or being overly crude. (One part I felt was bit much.) As a Stooges fan I loved it. If you like the Stooges, watch it, if you don't then I am not sure you will like it. It runs a little bit too long though. I mean, as much as I love the Stooges, they only ever ran for about 18, or so mins. So stretching it for 1:30 hour, even though it never loses momentum, might be a bit much. It's not a masterpiece, but it does what it intends to do and I enjoyed it for that. It had a lot of heart.


  1. Stoogies in fantasy? LOL* nice one DP

  2. Too bad sword-and-sorcery settings weren't popular yet in the Stooges' day. I can just imagine how such an episode might go. :-)

  3. And yes, that is one sexy barbarian on that cover!



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