Saturday, April 21, 2012

Sexy Weekend Warriors

Hey guys. Last post I was gonna keep up for a bit, then announce it as an April Fools, but it's too harsh. I was planning it all month, but I don't really want to scare off people! I will admit though that yeah, lots of people including myself are really sick of the thieves that come here, steal art and then pretend it's okay to do so. Sites like Rule34 really sicken me. I mean, you people know what you are doing. You go there, post our stuff and comment THERE, where the artists will never even see it, when you could be commenting here, or on the artists pages on their sites. There's a special place in hell for people that do these things. SO it looks like I will be watermarking a lot more then before and that's no April fools joke.
Anyway here are some more sexy warriors for your enjoyment. The first image I would love to know who the artist was. I hate it when I find images and they are named with numbers! XD

Classic Hermes!

Golden Soccer/Football Warrior!

Men in skimpy togas...what could be nicer? :P

You guys HAVE to check out this AMAZING image of a Roman/Greek Warrior getting ass attacked by a Centaur. Baralust drew the image and Aneros provided some luscious colors to really bring the men to life!
Check the FULL Version out here:


  1. I got your email and check the link, ugh man! I emailed them so hope they'll remove it. Really its not that hard to ASK to post it, even if they have put where they got it but its rude not ASKING the owner first. Looks like Watermark torture once again then :P

  2. I agree 100% I've even seen tags/watermarks deliberately cropped off images lots of places. This is one of the reasons I was originally so hesitant to put my work up but I'm watermarking EVERYTHING from now on!



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