Sunday, April 8, 2012

Have a Marvel-ous Easter 2012!

Happy Easter everyone! I have been having a lot of fun. This morning I made some Marvel Super Hero themed Easter Eggs. I got the set last year. I was hoping for Cyclops, Storm, or Gambit to be in the set, but I was happy with Thor, Spidey, the Fantastic Four and Hulk. The set came with some kick ass hologram stickers. Not sure what I should do with them. Maybe I will put them on my fridge. :D

Colossus is so hot!!! Sadly there was no stickers of him. Oh well! XD

Last year I got this chocolate Captain America, this year I got Bart Simpson! XD I went to an Easter party and the hosts mom was giving them out. She expected me and a friend to eat a whole Homer. That was just not gonna happen. We felt like we were in the land of chocolate, there was so much to enjoy!

This is the maze on the back of the Bart Simpson box!

I have been looking around the web today at peoples Easter entries. Here's some pictures of note. I wish all these Easter Bunnies were real! First off is Guytoonists super freaking buff Easter Bunny Knight! O_______O WOW! Love the egg motif. Someones gonna grab his metal egg and make off with it!!! He reminds me of the cool characters from Final Fantasy 12. ^O^ I wonder if he delivers multicolored condoms too? XD

Next up is Cray! This guys getting an Easter Egg delivered the hard way! LOL!! I don't know what's going to make a gooey mess first, me, or the egg? ;) He's such a cutie! Love the pink background.

I found this a couple days ago. It's Sirio's Easter Bunny! He's a soft haired hunky bunny. His bum is shining like two bright Easter Eggs. Don't you just want to slick their sweetness? ^__^

Class Comics released the first full color image of their new character Harry as an exclusive for people that signed up to their newsletter. He's perfectly pink in all the right places! ;D It's awesome to be able to show off his huge carrot and perfect Easter Eggs to you all! Love his silver fur and hair arms. He's was made to have fun in Spots upcoming comic along with other exciting AniMALES. It's gonna be a sweet treat to look forward to later this year.
Aneros did a sequel to his delightful Bunny image from last year. This year his gay Easter Bunny is hiding his Easter sausage behind a basket. TEASE!!! Hey bunny, let's see those eggs of yours! XD If you want to see the rabbit bare all you can check out his post from last year. He announced this as a WIP, so maybe he will complete it before the holiday is over. Fingers crossed!

EDIT! Aneros just finished his Easter Bunny! This is the fist time he has colored the character, so get ready for some beautiful coloring by a master. ;D Really love the dirty blond hair! Totally sweet. My kind of sexy Easter Bunny.

In my hunt for sexy men of Easter, I cam across the works of a new artist. His name is Elias Chatzoudis and his pen name is Chtgr. This artists gallery is filled with very sexy woman, with a few fine choice pieces of men meat strewn about here and there. It was his Easter Hunk that I fist found. I was happy to discover not only He-Man, but Conan as well. I really recommend checking out his gallery. There's tons to see!

Here's the only sexy Easter bunny I found with noting. Sadly he doesn't show off his carrot. Hmmmm..that's a running theme today! Come on guys, let's see some full frontal of your Easter boys! ^__^

Every Easter I get a craving to play Super Mario Land 2 Six Golden Coins. That Bunny Mario is so cute! (That was part of the reason behind me finding the music in the previous post.) Here's the Nintendo Power Preview from WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY back when. Gosh, I remember bringing this to school and so many people going crazy over the announcement. Sadly I didn't have a Game Boy of my own at the time.

And with that I leave you with a wish for a very happy chocolate filled holiday! Peace!

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