Friday, April 13, 2012

Icarus and Magnus Visit the Hot Springs

One day I soon I will post a review of Kid Icarus Uprising. I have it about half done. There's just so much to talk about regarding it. I have very mixed emotions regarding the title. Some of it I love, other parts just don't jell well with me for various reason. One part and character I did love was Magnus. Yeah sure, was he only put in to have a super strong bara character, with an over sized RPG weapon, in hopes of drawing in the God of War and Final Fantasy crowd, but that's okay by me. :P He's a hot and is pretty interesting. I really wish there had been a lot more of him to be honest. He felt very underused. A lot of his story was left unexplained as well. One of the interesting things about Magnus was how he always seemed to be put into some potentially gay situations with Pit. The first time we meet him, we go to a hot spring. That got me thinking. FallenAngel and I came up with how that should have went down.

Fallen did a bang up job on this. It's really funny and oh so cute! Magnus has another massive weapon I see. I want to congratulate him on his excellent work as well as the fact that this marks the 150th post featuring his works here on DPK. That's a lot of hunks, babes and cocks. That number's not even close to the amount of images he has produced with me. Thanks so much FallenAngel and I look forward to the next exciting 150! (Then we will stop! Just kidding.)


  1. Thank you and glad you enjoy it. You and your naughty ideas XD hope to read your review soon..dun-dun-dun-dunnn!

    1. It's hard to do and keep focused, because there is the game element, the story element and the merchandising to cover. O__O



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