Sunday, April 1, 2012

Nature Plays An April Fools Day Joke on Dore The Caveman

Poor Dore can't catch a break. He's been enjoying his ride down a river deep in Prehistoric Paradise on a giant leaf. It was so nice a tranquil that he decided to jerk off as he lay on his back, looking at the sky through the canopy. After an exhausting session, Dore spied some bananas in the trees. He reached up for a quick potassium refill, but is about to get a shock. Seems everyone is aware of his mistake, but him. (Even..VANN? XD)

I think this is my favorite colored piece of Dore from FallenAngel. He appears so bright and crisp on that leaf. The line work is really beautiful. You can really see Fallen put his all into this image. I didn't commission a lot last week from FallenAngel, so he had a lot of time to sit and fiddle with this. Leave a picture in Fallens hands for too long and he will make sure it's a piece you won't soon forget. ^_^ Every time I talked to him he seemed to add another prehistoric beast to the mix. In the end he even added the huge body of the brontosaurus the encompasses the entire background! That was a huge and wonderful surprise. You know that Brontosaurus reminds me of the one from the movie Dinosaurus! That was probably the first Dinosaur horror movie I watched on TV. (Unless you count Godzilla, which scared the crap out of me at 4 years old.)

What do you think? They look similar to me!
They are both eat bananas and are very friendly too!

When he first appears to be coming back to life, his head and neck certainly looks very phallic. O__O

You can now watch the full movie on Youtube. It's legit and in a high res too. That's the perfect way to spend a rainy Sunday, a classic B movie with Dinosaurs and cavemen.


  1. Glad you like that :D yeah Vann was surprise as well - FallenAngel

  2. Hehehe... :-) Nicely done as always, FallenAngel!

    1. Thank you very much :D -FallenAngel

  3. Lmao xDDDD the last picture with the poor dinosaur coming alive

    This is one of the best pictures yhea :D all elements are soo alive and fits soo well. I love the reaction of all the characters xD

  4. So cute ! Love the concept and the depiction of the scene ! ^^



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