Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday FallenAngel 2012!

I wanted to take some time this morning to wish a very happy birthday to FallenAngel, who turns 37 today! I was lucky to get some great art from some of his favorite artists for his birthday. Who knows, there might even be more to come! FallenAngel was really into the Lufia remake on Nintendo DS about a month ago. His favorite characters were Guy and Tia. (I really like how Tia has a snap jaw weapon, a creature that always reminds me of Donkey Kong Jr.) I don't have this game, but it looks like fun. The videos and art I shared helped spawn some amazing art by Sirio, Caravaggia and JCARTBLOG.

I'm having some major internet issues this morning (my provider keeps shutting down) and company is on the way to pick me up as I type this. I apologize, but this is going to be one heck of a short blog entry.

First off for those of you not familiar with the DS game, here is the official art of both Guy and Tia.

The first paring is by Caravaggia. She did a great job capturing the look and feel of both the characters and the European villages that line the games world. The soft colours are very beautiful. They really make Tias skin so soft and pure looking. Fallen can easily imagine grabbing her soft bobbies. :P You have to love the standing fuck pose with those stretched panties. XD

Next is JCARTBLOGS awesome image. The is image was a huge surprise. He sent it along with a very kind message to FallenAngel. He does Guy major justice giving him a very bara look. He's certainly enjoying dipping his fingers in that cake. I wouldn't mind dipping my fingers in him! XD It's JC's birthday tomorrow. Don't forget to wish him a happy one!

This last pairing is by Sirio. Seems guys losing their shorts at the beach is a running birthday theme around here. Sirio actually came up with the cute idea of putting them by the ocean and adding a swim suite to Tias attire. Now we know what that trap is really for! XD A simply gorgeous image. Both characters look so cute. Her Guy is super sexy. I love the purples in play here. Very romantic and playful!

I think Tia and Guy enjoyed this paring. They seem very amused. :P

The last image is from Karulox! It's been some time since I commissioned him. I asked him to pick from a list of favorite characters of FallenAngels and he chose Street Fighters Cammy. The sketch is really nicely done. I love her eyes. There's also a private version of this where Cammy is exposing her boobies. That one's just for Fallens own pleasure! XD

Time for a shower and a shave! Type to you guys tomorrow! ^_^


  1. Happy B-day FallenAngels!! =)


  2. Haha those stretched panties you noticed them a few times... they might turn you almost bi Matthew ! ^^ lol

    Happy b'day Fallen ! <3

  3. Thank you very much and thanks for the awesome and HOT gifts my friends thanks to : Kalorux, Caravaggia, JC ARTBLOG, Sirio, and DP :) thanks for your wonderful support and friendship *bows*

  4. Oh i didnt knew this characters!!!!
    Soo many gifts, bara and irls xDDDD wath a nice mix

    1. Lufia: Curse of the Sinistral, its on DS you should try it - FallenAngel :D

  5. Kalorux LOL

    FallenAngel Happy Birthday! :D I'm glad that u enjoyed all ur gifts ^^ have a great year ;D




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