Sunday, April 1, 2012

It's Almost Like A Mickey Mouse April Fools Joke

April Fools? The Nintendo Power issue this month features screens from a new Mickey Mouse game called Power of Illusion. It's supposed to be an homage to Castle of Illusion on Sega Genesis. BUT the enemies, the Pete decor and Scrooge McDuck all hail from Capcoms games. Frig me, game designers these days are such tools. Setting out to make a sequel to a classic game and using elements from it's biggest rival. DOY. I bet many a Sega and Capcom Fan will be pissed at the mix up. (If any are still around.) For the record, I adore both the Castle of Illusion and the Capcom Disney games.

I bought the issue for the three special Kid Icarus Uprising AR Cards, Medusa in Battle, Thantos the God of Death and Poseidon.


  1. It reminded me of a Kirby game you know ^^; - FallenAngel

  2. Speaking of old-style games, did you see the Google Maps April Fool? :-) (Direct link - Video)

    1. OH I saw that this morning. I missed the joke though. That's a shame! I always use Google maps.



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