Sunday, April 22, 2012

Superman and Batman Ball Blaster Spoof by Maduinshorn

Hey guys. One day I was looking for stuff online when I came across a site called Plaid Stallions. If you have not explored this website and it's corresponding blog, I highly recommend doing so. The sites celebrate toys, fashion and other goodies from the 70s and early 80s. I spent the better part of a week going over all the articles, pictures and posts. It was so much fun. Even though I am a child of the 80s, the items found within were more then often a part of my childhood as well. There's a lot of toys listed on the blog that really make you laugh. One unfortunate toy was the Ball Blaster line of guns. The first two I saw were for Superman and Batman. They were simple rack toys with Batman and Superman stickers placed on them. The guns silly name lead me to ask Maduinshorn to produce the awesome image I have for you all today.

What a wonderful trip down memory lane this image represents. How many of use bought rack toys just because the backing had something from a show we liked? What a way to lure kids into crappy purchases! XD I got wise to this early on, but stuff like these pop guns were always fun to buy. I love how Maduinshorn not only captured the classic feel of the two characters, but the box art as well. He perfectly emulated the box text and put in lots of funny little jokes too! XD Hee hee. It was a blast from my young horny past to see the Superman and Batman of this era with their cocks out. I used to draw cocks in my Superman books when I was a kid. Ha ha ha..I would tear up the pages of course! XD Maduinshorn being such a bara king, really buffed out the worlds greatest heroes here. They are super powerful looking. Racked up with lots of muscles and lovely cocks, thicker then my legs. He also added a lot of cute charms too. If you look you will notice Supermans old school Pac-Man like eyes. XD
It's not very often that I commission things based on Superman and Batman. The net already has so much porn based on these characters, that I would have assumed that, by now it's hard to come up with a unique idea for them. They are eternally hot and fun to see in action. I had no problem requesting them really. I was just happy to do it based on something playful and silly. :P As Maduinshorn warns, those 70s toys are dangerous. If you do pick these up, don't aim them at your balls. They are not made of steel.

Here are the original images of the toys:

Here's a look at the whole line of toys the guns were part of. Sparkling guns. Guess that predates Edwards sparkling cock in Twilight by about 3 decades.

Even Spidey and the Hulk got their balls blasted in the 70s. One idea were threw around was having Spider-man swinging upside down, sadly hitting his own balls in the background. :P

There's tons to see on Plaid Stallions. I loved checking out all the planet of the Apes stuff from cute Dr. Zaius wind up toys,

to the oddly named Monkey Missiles! O__O

You'll have to explore the site for the story behind these jerking off cowboy toys. :^D
Ah, only in the innocent 1970s could you proudly display the name SUPERDUMPS on top of your product flyer without being laughed right out the room. XD Really cool cut outs though. I remember seeing these!
Here are the links to the sites. Be ready to spend lots of time on them!

Here's a particularly touching section for me. The 1978 Muppets catalog.

I still have Rowlf to this day. I had all the little Muppet players. I will never forget getting them from my sister one night. I must have been about 3, or 4. I used her light up mirror for a stage. I also had the plush Kermit and Scooter too I think. I got most of these in the very early 80s. They were probably on sale at the time. We were not exactly rich people.


  1. Oh the toys that used to exist ^^;

    1. Yeah, it's kinda sad they are gone I guess. Rack toys based on popular franchises were a neat purchase.

  2. Ah yes, those days toys are just toys, I found myself grinning how Wonderwoman "pose" on the package, go figure bout me naughty mind XD and yeah the "jerkin" cowboy LOL* they are missing the guns - FallenAngel



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