Monday, April 16, 2012

I Got Tolarian Fever

And the only cure is something big, long and blue! XD So today I have two amazing images of Class Comics Tolarian alien men to share with you all. The first is a commission. The second is a fan art by Caravaggia, which I couldn't resist posting here. It was so funny to see Caravaggia draw it, cause I was planning on asking her to to do some images with him. Now I know that she loves him too, so it encourages me to do so even more. ^_^

The first image is inspired by the original one pager featuring Camili-Cat playing Basketball with the Tolarians called THE GAME. So, through Lays wonderful art we are returned to uncut younger Cam. How sweet it is. ^_^ Lay really nails the Tolarian. He's a big beefy blue bara boy. His horns are quite amazing. I think they are my favorite part of him, besides his thick striped cut cock. HOT. The lighting effects are just awesome. The floor boards look super sleek. I wonder if those are cameras going off, or the eyes of some pervy alien spectators in the stands? O__O

I love this picture, cause when I look at it, it gives me the feeling that he was posing in Caravaggias room as she painted this on a canvas. I can see her looking over her thrumb at him, trying to get him just right as he relaxes! XD The painting look gives this a very genuine 'real' feel to it. Hmmm Caravaggia, have you been seeing UFOS? XD (Unidentified Fuckable Objects.) If he was across the room from me, I would not be able to hold my brush steady. I would be too distracted with thoughts of licking that barber pole dick. Ironic isn't it that he's a pole dancer with that cock design? ^_^' He's so sweet and innocent here. Caravaggia is breaking this one in for hardcore use later! LOL.

You can see the making of the image, along with Caravaggias thoughts in her original post:


  1. Lovely its a hot DUNKin game :D nice court rendition as well - FallenAngel

  2. Haha he said "Paint me like one of your human boys" and I obliged ! ^^ I must see this one pager, I can't believe I haven't. Wich issue is it in ?

    1. It was in Strip Tease. I think that's the only time that one pager was published. Sorry I took so long to reply.



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