Sunday, April 8, 2012

NOT Symphonic Sunday...

Today I finally heard Ignorance is Bliss by Jellyfish. This was the only song that had any relation to Mario on the Nintendo album White Knuckle Scorn'. I remember looking and looking for the album when I was a kid after seeing this contest in Nintendo Power. Friends told me they had heard the song, but I never did, till today. I was looking at back issues, saw the ad and, well, thank goodness for Youtube is all I can say. Enjoy yet another strange result of Nintendos early licensing. I can't say it's a bad song, but it is well...something. XD

This is the animated version:

The Album version, which runs a bit longer:

This is the ad. Yeah I am ashamed to say, I thought these guys were kinda cute. XD


  1. Lmao xDDDD the way he wakes up the princes xDDDD

    That song is damn cute...tough i am mor eimpresed with the ad. The text...those colors...the guys o____________o soo 80s....i miss when we used to have this ads and insert inside our games D:

    1. Yeah I miss it too. One issue had a contest to spend a day in Hollywood with Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff. You don't see anything like that today. Another great thing I noticed, though not related to this post, is how many great titles were coming out in such short time spans. They were firing them out like bullets. :P You would see the announcement of say Capcom's Darkwing Duck as being in the works and a few months later, it would be out and available for purchase. Now it takes 5 years.



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