Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Immatopmon And Jasper Wish you a Happy Halloween 2013

Hey guys! Only one more day till Halloween!  To kick of a couple great Halloween posts, I have this wonderfully festive image drawn my FallenAngel of Immatopmon and Jasper!  They are out gathering some treats, before enjoying each others tricks... Fallendrew this up on Sunday!  I think you guys will really enjoy his next Halloween images too!

I am hyped for the holiday...but I got some bad news.  I have to work on Halloween night. U__U  So depressing.  Hopefully I will be out on time to scare up some fun and check out all the decorations in  my area.  At least I had fun decorating this year.  I'm always looking for new things to add to my little Halloween Town I create.  I have figures dating back from the 80s that I use in it.  This year I was very tempted to purchase this Ghosts N Goblins model set I found online.  The characters would make a sweet edition to my little town.  Since the price was pretty high and I would have to pain it myself, I passed.  It's always interesting how much merchandise was made based on this game in Japan. It must have been insanely popular there.  I have even found Ghosts N Goblins kites.  I know I would have loved to have purchased these when I was a kid.  (Had I known they even existed.)

 The set comes with three backdrops from the NES game.  I found that most of the merchandise features the NES sprites.  I'm guessing the Famicom version was even more popular then the arcade.  

 Kinda off how big Arthur is compared to the other characters.  Shouldn't the boss be the biggest one? 



  1. I guess its the challenge how Arthus gonna hit those small figures.

    1. LOL Yeah! XD As if it was not hard enough!



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