Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tugging Mummies On Halloween By FallenAngel

Two mummies battle it out on Halloween night for supremacy over the undead. The Egyptian desert echos loudly with their combined moans and groans as the battle turns into a tug of war, where both parties end up winners! This Halloween bandages will grow soggy with cum! The mummy hordes may be left with out guidance as their leaders, good and evil, are intertwined by more then just old wrappings...Could this be the start of an endless romance? The mummies followers just look upon the site puzzled, then looking at each other, all at once, they outstretch their arms and should "Trick or Treeeeeeeat Time!!! Caaaaaaaaandy..." It's nice to have the night off for once...

Who is Scarab?  Well his is a fantastic new Halloween Character created by the boys at Class Comics!  He along with two others, a werewolf and a zombie are Patrick and Frasers Sons of the Night!  A very inspiring group indeed.  I think my favorite horror monster growing up was the mummy, so of course I fell instantly for Scarab here, who takes some inspiration from the Karloff classic!

Meet Howie the Zombie, who I would still run the heck away from, no matter how hung he is.  Dead man that is hung?..that's a joke son!  I wonder if he is friendly like R?

Blue Moon was the first Son of the Night Patrick unveiled. I don't know if I should run in terror, or gawk in awe of his dick and muscles. He's just a big puppy deep down right?  Maybe some Blue Moon will calm the savage beast?  A hint in his name?  I think not...I had better just high tail it out of here...


  1. HAPPY HALLOWEEN Dinosaurprince and Fallen!!!

    This post has TOTALLY MADE MY ALL HALLOWS EVE!!!!! LOL! Love the AWESOME epic hottness that is the sexy battle between Scarab and Immatopmon! SO FREAKIN' WICKED! Beautiful job as always, boys -- and thanks so much for the Scarab and the Sons of the Night love! BIG TIME appreciated!


    Have a FANTASTIC and very Happy Halloween!

    Patrick XOXOXO

  2. I'm very happy you liked it so much Patrick! It was our pleasure. Happy Halloween to you too man! ^_^



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