Saturday, October 26, 2013

Belvadar's Halloween Trick, or Treat Comic

 Happy Halloweekend 2013!  
The dead are rising...comics once thought dead from Halloween past that is....
Today I have a comic 2 years in the making to present!  Late one night, back in October 2011, I was asked by Aneros for a short Halloween comic idea.  He was dying to do some holiday themed projects.  I was very happy to oblige.  
Belvadar and friends were being developed by myself and many artists.  I had a lot of ideas.  Upon getting the script and some sketches, he set to work. He had the entire thing sketched out in no time.  It was already over half way through the month and Aneros and I both realized that the comic was probably not gonna see the light of day until after the holiday. So we would have to wait till next Halloween to work on it further.  The comic was just a fun pet project to do on the side.  Something to help Aneros stretch his wings a bit.  We were never sure if it was going to go to the coloring stage to be honest.  Time was not on our side last year.  There was a lot going down last October and we both knew it wasn't gonna happen.  Aneros was very silent about the comic this year. I figured we would focus on something new this year instead.  I should have guessed he was up to something!  Two days ago, to my delight, he presented me with the fully colored comic.  I shared it with my friends right away and now I'm very proud to share it with you guys.  Aneros has not done a lot of comics, but the ones he has done were exceptional. (This is no exception, with tons of hot cock shots and lots of nice details!)  I hope that doing this will inspired him to do more in the future.  He and I have talked many times about bringing characters to life together through comic form. I hope this is just the start!
Halloween Trick, or Treat
Story by Dinosaurprince
Art By Aneros

So what did you guys think?  Did you like the trio of monster boy friends of Blaines? Belvadar should know to never eat unwrapped candy!  (Especially from a real witch, with a graveyard outside his house!)  I had to share with you guys Aneros original sketched out pages.  I think you will see why I was so eager to see him complete this comic. It was totally worth the wait. 

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  1. I'd be glad to receive that trick!




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