Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Graveyard Shafts

Looks like someone was sneaking around the graveyard trying to ghouls 'n ghosts on film with a camera, Halloween night!  But when they caught Belvadar, Oni and even Jasper on camera having one hell of a threesome, the got more then they bargained for.  Oni is certainly aware of the onlooker.  What happened to him?  I don't know, but only the camera was found the next morning! 
This wild threesome was drawn by blog regular and dear friend Yelmo.  This is the first time I have requested three characters together from him and I couldn't be happier with the results. Favorite part? Hmm...Very hard to pick, but that curl in Jaspers hair is very smile inducing!   His take on Belvadar is highly hunky and Oni had FallenAngel bursting with delight!  Yelmo isn't feeling so hot.  The poor guy has a throat infection.  I hope he recovers soon. If you see him online, wish him well. 
Halloween never ends around here!  In fact, the truth is I have a few Halloween themed blogs that are still in the works even after this splendid piece.  I myself have been under weather these last few days. I finally recovered.  I was bed ridden since Friday night.  Some post Halloween weekend I had. -_-  At least the artists kept me happy with pieces like this! :D

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