Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ay Papi! Papi Smurf! Fathers Day Special.

 Bet you didn't see this coming!  Yeah, well...neither did I!  See this oh so delicious Smurf was a brilliant birthday gift from Leon De Leon.  (I can see why Gargamel wants to gobble up Smurfs now!)  I had to save it for release on Fathers Day, though.  I couldn't think of a more perfect picture myself.  The light dusting of white chest hair, the unbelievable tight foreskin, the big purple head and that Godly daddy body?  Danm...I am totally open to older men now! LOL!  So why Papa Smurf?  Well it's no secret among my friends and family that I am heavily addicted the Smurfs' Village ISO game by Beeline  As much as I love playing the game, I think I might need an intervention.  I've spent way too much time playing it.

 Smurfs be hanging at da club.  I made this with Leon in mind. He loves his club nights.

Yup, I love the Smurfs game!  My little Valentine area.

Here's a little real life sexy daddy action for ya too. ;D

Final gift from my dad? 
Yesterday was a day spent getting rid of a lot of my families past. We were cleaning out an old storage unit. Gone went my rocking chair I had since before I can remember. Gone went went my air organ, that hasn't been used in over a decade. But, we also found many things as well. I found a box of old Christmas decorations I thought I lost 6 years ago. I will have to upload some images from that. The strangest find was this Pac-Man sticker. He was on the bottom of an old crate used to ship show pigeons. God knows who, or when, or why this was stuck on the bottom. Even though I had played with the unit since early childhood, somehow neither I, nor any of my friends had ever thought to look under it. Something is twinging at my brain. Some memory of it. There's a little bit of anger there. I'm guessing my brother stuck it there to tease me and never removed it and I forgot about it. Or maybe I stuck it there when it was being moved and being unable to lift it, I was never able to retrieve it. It being constantly filled with straw and shavings, I can see my dad refusing to lift it for me. Anyway, it was only by chance that I found it. The unit was on it's way to the dump when we tilted it up at the last second to make room for something else. If we had not, this little Pac-Man would have been lost forever. It's funny what joy a simple little sticker can bring after being lost for 3 decades. It almost felt like a final gift from my pop, or some strange sign. Silly I know...


  1. There is nothing silly about that at all!

  2. didn't see this coming, but I LOVE it

  3. *HUG*HUG* Better rest the smurf and off to dino hunt in Caveman Land :D

  4. So glad you enjoyed the piece Matty! :) and you're totally welcome!
    *BIG HUGS & KISSES* to you buddy



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