Sunday, June 16, 2013

Big Side of Kangaroo BEEF For My Birthday from WTJohn

OH man, this was a huge surprise, as I have not worked with John in so long. (Though we talked Walking Dead every week for months!) He posted this on his blog and I actually didn't find it till sometime after my birthday. He made one heck of a beautiful bara version of our Kangaroo boy Joey. Just the thing to get activity going in my down under! I was totally overjoyed to see this. It was so very wonderful to see John once again work his magic on one of our little characters. He did two version, one naughty and one nice. I'm posting the naughty version first, cause that's the way I roll...

Joey can't hide his massive uncut cock in a speedo. (Who's complaining?) 

 This present was the bomb! ;D  Loved it!

Be sure to come back later for my very surprising Fathers Day Post!

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