Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Crimsonbloods Portrait Offer, Guytoonist hot Zombie Men And an Unknown Elf

Gonna do 3 posts today cause I stuck doing LAUNDRY. So I will make the best of my time!
First off I want to give a shout out to two artist. Crimsonblood is doing an open call for free Portraits. So if you want to be immortalized by Zhu, all you have to do is contact him and send your pictures via Deviantart! The information to do so can be found here:

Second off, I just can't get how eerily erotic and cool Guytoonists Zombies turned out to be. Only he could pull this off! Check it out and a lot more including exclusive images of his OC Colskar and of course JD too all on his new blog here:

Hunky Zombies at

Finally I found these images of a very sexy anime elf online. The art is really awesome. I sent them around and was encouraged greatly to post them here in hopes of getting some answers. Does anyone know who drew these, the series, the date? Any information would be very welcome. They look like they have been around the net a lot judging by the quality of them. :( A job for those that hunt elves! XD


This is indeed an early work of Shunpei Nakata. I checked his site to see if it was for purchase and could not see it there. I am not even sure if I can purchase his works from the site, which is a real shame. I discover this on another site. It does not seem to have a name, though one place mentioned Lizardmen in the title. In this set, these are the only images with the elf and sadly all images I found are of the same quality. I was hoping he might be a continuing character, but once I found out who the artist was, I had a feeling he would not be. He is a fantastic artist and I do recommend checking out his official site. He has some nice fan arts of characters like Leo and Sean from Capcom. :)


  1. The elf is by Shunpei Nakata, or Syuunpei Nakata, however you wish to spell/pronounce it.
    These are pretty old, but I don't know exactly how old. The rest of his work has a different style of coloring.
    Go talk to SoupGoblin, he's likely still got the translated versions of Nakata's popular Dragon Rangers series.

  2. Hey thanks! I was looking at all the stuff I had from Shunpei Nakata this afternoon, cause I swore it looked like his style, but couldn't find it. Should have figured it was older stuff of his. I will check it out! thanks!

  3. its a nice art and love his character design :D

  4. No problem Guytoonist! It was my pleasure. :D

  5. If you're looking to purchase Nakata's works, he hosts it all on Digiket.
    You're welcome. XD

  6. I would love too, but I can't read the text! (cries.) I tired to use google to translate it, but it just locks on the front page. I was told, if you don't live in Japan you can't purchase it. :( Is that true?

  7. Really? Google Chrome's translate function works well enough for me.
    This might be out-of-date info, but...
    They say the type of money used by Digiket is a specific Japanese thing, but that there are ways to convert it from other currencies. Not sure how one goes about doing that. Ask around on /bara/, they'll know a thing or two. (Of course, I've also heard that there are now measures in place to prevent that if you're not from Japan...? I honestly couldn't tell you more.)
    Alternatively, you could resort to piracy and find some way to support the artist through donations to make up for it...? I feel as though I've heard of people doing this before.

  8. I found a lot his stuff last year through a friend and then by doing some research on my own. I thought I would see now if I can purchase anything from the site. They have Fantasy Box 3 out, I wanted that bad. Sadly you do have to live in Japan to make the purchase. Thanks for your help though! I hope his stuff comes out here one day.



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