Friday, January 14, 2011

CrazyMikis first Commission and Adonix Goes a Little Bara!

My fellow Canadian CrazyMiki has just opened up commissions. You may remember his Rikuo that he drew some time ago as it's found on this blog. When I saw him up I wanted to commission him and I plan to again very soon. I have known Miki for a very long time, some time before I was on Y!Gallery I think. Miki kinda vanished for a bit. I was happy to see him reappear a few weeks ago. Turns out the poor guys PS3 met an unfortunate fate while moving and now needs to gather funds to purchase a new one! So guys come on and commission him! :D
Getting back to my commission, Miki did a more then wonderful job. He was totally pleasant and worked hard to match just what I was looking for. He actually gave me a version with his eyes open and closed. He went above and beyond what was expected of him and added tons of details to the image as he worked on it. Somethings I like about it include his huge arm, which he added veins to as he went along. It's just massive! Miki is great with arms. The fact that he is bathed in light green from a spot light looks really nice. His back wings are really cute, like a baby dragons. XD The cock is nice and life size with the heady shyly poking out a bit at the tip! :P He added some great shading to his legs they look great! He did an exceptional job highlighting that sweet head of hair he gave him. Love that hair so much.

Last night while we were looking at images from Spartacus, Adonix found a really nice site belonging to a bara artist. He was inspired so he set upon doing a quick, but hot image of Dimata Bara style! XD I got this at 1 am. It woke me right up!

Massive chest, huge arms and a baby face, makes one sexy Dimata! What do you guys think do you want more of this style Dimata? (Click the reaction button! LOL.)
I was given this last night. Blog shows off the Spartacus Blood and Sand nudes. You have to keep hitting NEWER POSTS to see them all. Enjoy!


  1. Belvadar image looks awesome, i like a lot the look of the colors with the green and Dimata looks super hawt *drools

    I was wondering wath happened with Miki as well, he disapeare soo suddenly D:

  2. I'm back now. For good heh.

  3. Woho nice! and droolie - FallenAngel

  4. nice work from Ink b with the Damita Artwork and nice Bat character too :)

    SPARTACUS!! Omg my most fav show at the moment!

    watching ti as i type this and working on the March Artwork for DNA Mag! guess what the theme will be? ;P


  5. I'm really getting to love "Spartacus"! Great to see you're a fan too. :)



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