Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Brother of Lum By Huulli!

He's leaking precum and charging up to fire,
I would run if I were you! XD

Yeah I went there! Come on, you all knew this was coming right? XD As I mentioned I am really getting back into this series. I was going to commission the great artist Huulli originally to do a Disney themed image, when a friend prompted me to work my imagination a little harder and present him with something a little more original. So I thought why not request a male version of Lum? Though, he really is more then that. By selecting various aspects of Lums many outfits, Huulli and I have come up with what I would call Lums brother. (Huullii as you can see had a great time with the costume and got really creative with it.) I suggested things like a square chin and some facial hair. Asked him to please work in the bangs and the long hair, but make it a little more manly. Instead of going for a twink body, Huulli made him really strong and tough looking. He turned out to be a bad ass. He didn't make him super huge, but instead made a frame that is comparable to Lums, only that much bigger, with well toned muscles. He boasts strong powerful legs, a well formed chest and a delightful six pack.

What I think is great is how scruffy and manly looking in comparison to Lum he is. He's got a sort of rock star look to him. You know this guy doesn't care that his undies are too small to contain the thick uncut dick Hullii created for him. His untended armpit, pubic and facial hair give him a nice rebellious, devil may care appearance. His horns being longer then Lums also add to this wonderfully. Certainly Huulli has provided more then I originally envisioned for him! So I decided upon seeing it that this guy needs more credit then just doing a gender bender. He has indeed created a whole new character that would fit very well into the world of Urusei Yatsura! One look at him and I say he would be Lums older, very protective brother. One of the guys, who probably would have a strong brotherly affection for Ataru. Getting the young man into dangerous adventures he would have no interest in would be a staple of each visit. Maybe his name would be Mul! XD Enjoy guys and girls.

I believe I was Huulli first commissioner, so I guess it is only fair to review him for others. Communication was very good. I would send an e-mail and get a response faster then I could respond back to him at times. :) Payment was up front, but Huulli worked very fast and he had this done in less then a weeks time. He sent me the sketches of some poses and we openly talked about aspects that would be cool to add to him. From there he sent me the final and asked if any changes were needed and what little touches that needed applying, were done in less then an hour. So I can highly recommend this budding young artist. If you like Disney, Street Fighter, or DC's Superboy you would do yourself a major service to take a look at his blog and Deviantart pages below. :) Oh, that Eric... XD


  1. Rawrrrrr..sexyyyy :D - FallenAngel

  2. Perhaps Huulli's intent is simply to put into place a piece of costume to brace our Lum's quite uncontainable endowment somewhat against his six-pack as our scrappy guy jets into action. A fine creation



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