Saturday, January 8, 2011

Lerhoo's first victem by Rent

Sorry Holocene, looks like you got more then hoped for once again!

3 days ago Rent opened up his commissions for the first time. As you might recall rent drew up the Apis Bull not so long ago. So of course I already had a great sampling of his work to go by. :P Seeing that he does good beef boys, this time I chose Holocene the subject of the image. I wanted an image to show Holocene once again finding himself in trouble. What better character to choose then the brand new Lerhoo of Adonix? Here Holocene has stumbled upon Lerhoo and is trying to charm his way out of a situation he is just not ready for yet, but I don't think it's gonna work. I see a lot of running in this boys immediate future.
The commission went very well. Communication with Rent was very good. He sent me a sketch with larger images of the boys facial expressions, then in about a day sent me the final telling me I could still do some changes if needed. So the customer service was really good. I showed the sketch and final to Adonix who was very impressed with it from start to finish. Commenting on the sexyness of both men and the craving for beef he wound up with. :P I think he did a splendid job on Lerhoo, showing no issue with there only being the one image of him so far. He muscled up his legs and really gave his body a smooth yummy look to it with the many well blended shades of orange. The cocks on both characters are fantastic. It has not been decided if Lerhoo will be cut, or uncut at this point. So he is still ambiguously cut looking. I was thinking of swaying to uncut due to his feral nature. Either way that is one nice pink tipped wonder between his legs Rent drew. Always love a cock covered in foreskin and the pointed tip rent put on Holocene is very juicy. Holocene comes off as sweet and innocent, capturing the shot I was hoping for perfectly. In fact upon seeing the final I couldn't help but think of an even naughtier caption and Rent was kind enough to change it. I would definitely recommend Rent. In fact as I type this I can't help but think of other ideas I would love to see him take on. Rent captures a lot emotion in his art. His men are very cute and very sexy at the same time. He is relatively new to the gay art scene, submitting his first work in September of 2010. In that time you can see he has made many strides in his art style. If you like hyper hunky guys you really owe yourself a view of his ever expanding gallery. :D


  1. Poor Holocene, he's gonna get it this time XD - FallenAngel



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