Sunday, January 9, 2011

Comic Collection up for grabs

Times are tough and Urbanmusiq is looking to sell some of his favorite comic graphic novels to make some extra cash. He has a whole lot that he is willing to part with for $100 USD and that includes world wide shipping. That's a really great bargain. Payment can be made via Paypal. If you are interested you can contact him or myself by commenting on the blog, sending an e-mail to: @ or leaving a note on Deviantart for him.

The list includes:

Ninja Scroll
Underworld Movie Trilogy
Kick Ass
DC Kingdom Come Vol 1 and 2.
Ultimate Spider-Man Ultimate Collection 1, 2 and 3.
Top Cow's Best of Michael Turner


  1. *purrr* Nice collection ! I love Michael Turner !

  2. tahnks, please let me know if any of your friends are interested in buying the collection :)


    PS thanks Matt for posting! :)



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