Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Carlos Meets Christer Echo by FallenAngel

Last year I wrote out a small rough script for Carlos and Christer Echo and how they came to met each other. You saw some of that produced by Urbanmusiq last year. During the same time FallenAngel drew this very touching image of the two of them. I rediscovered it this morning while going through some files. In it he even included some of the flora and fauna from my story and sketches. He is always so awesome with stuff like that! You can see a giant crystal turtle in the background. He's twinky version of Christer is really cute with his sparkly hair. :P That Fallen, he even put in a broken moon in the background. Seeing these boys bathed in the pink twilight of the crystal planet makes me want to revisit this idea again some time soon.

Don't cry little one, I will take care of you.

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