Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Boxers Strike a Pose For A New Poll

Ali and Barbe, the sites newest characters, pose for your Consideration. :P

Yesterday night I started a new poll here. It's sort of popularity contest. I listed a bunch of the sites main characters hoping I didn't leave any out in the process. The most popular character will be guaranteed a commission a month till about June. (As long as I can arrange it of course.) The other top 9 I hope to include one a month for the rest of year till October/November. Maybe I will plan out a 10 character orgy. XD This way I can have fun focusing on characters patrons on the blog want to see and don't wind up neglecting characters I might otherwise do. It will be interesting to see who comes up on top. The poll will run till the end of the month. Please feel free to add comments regarding poses and pairings and artists interested in this can contact me as well. :D

The image above was done of course by Fallen Angel. When he drew the first image of them, he sketched this pose out beside it for the fun of it. I liked the pose enough to ask him to complete it. This image got the benifit of being put on the back burner as he worked on the first sketch and the Christmas image. Even though the sketch was great, Fallen took the time to improve on it time and again as he worked on the other projects. I just noticed now as I go through my files he sent me about 3 sketches as he had fun with them. :D He made a few changes along the way, for example Barbe lost a tooth he had sticking out of his mouth for example and was given some really sweet expressive eyes. In the sketch his eyes were much smaller and evil looking and his mouth more brutish looking.
Thanks Fallen it turned out great and even better then your original vision. :P

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  1. Posing and Intimidating I'll say - FallenAngel :D



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