Monday, January 3, 2011

Warm Start to the New Year by Hydaria

The clock struck Midnight and Belvadar brings his buds closer, shouting

I got this early yesterday and had to post this up ASAP! OMG! Hydarias group hug filled the cold January morning with some major warmth! It was super nice of Hydaria to send me this greeting featuring the characters he drew previously. :D It's nice to see the boys getting along, being bulled together in shirtless splendor. Hee hee Joey is so debonair in his pose. Belvadar looks like he has something sneaky planned. Simply heart melting stuff. Thanks Hydaria you rock! ^_^

I found this while looking for some Disney stuff. That is one heck of a gay Robin Hood. You have to wonder if this image raised a few eyebrows back in the day. Guess it's okay since it's Bozo approved. (Now I am starting to understand the source of all the Krusty approved products.) That Robin Hood in a tank top would have had me salivating as a young man.

Really? A pink feather on his hat and at the end of his bow in the 1950's?
WOW Disney's The Story of Robin Hood is trail blazer. XD

Here is an even better view. I like how it says unbreakable on the side, I bet you're not with that build baby......

I also found this cute Caveman Mickey, which is of course way to expensive to purchase.

Love how they had to trim the dinosaur skull to give his ear some room. :P

I never did get Pac-Man party, but I did see his amazing float in the Tournament of Roses parade. All the people in the marching band had Pac-Man on them and the thing shot out a barrage of streamers every so often. Really cool.


  1. Ohh interesting Robin hood and group hug from Hydaria

    Great detail of Mickey here and the pacman celebration :D


  2. Oh I've been away for such a looong long time ! Why does life let you so little time ? Anyways, happy new year to you and all the artists, hope it's gonna be a blast ! Going to check all of these blog posts I missed now ! ^^

  3. LOL Happy New Year Ga-L thanks for all the comments! :D They were a great surprise to wake up to this morning. I never feel like I have enough time to do this blog justice these days.



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