Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Discovering Foreskin the Shower Encounter

This set of images I am sharing today comes from the fall of '09. Working with Fallen on this was one of funnest experiences I had doing commissions that year. FallenAngel was so intrigued by the whole concept. We had tons of fun with character creation, the poses and the story. HE used to send me cute little head shots as and things as we developed the characters. This is where the 1990's characters of Matt and Roshawn were really developed. Roshawn started out as a fairly plain, tall, lanky man with his hair parted to one side. I sent a few model images to Fallen and from there we picked and chose features that we liked and applied it to him. I would often e-mail FallenAngel from work with descriptions of what I wanted to see next. I used to sneak peeks at his sketches at my desk. I must have turned red a lot on those late evenings. :D The whole thing went on for quite some time and got more and more exciting with each new image.

The entire project was huge turn on for me and got tons of praise on the site he posted this on. The first image became his most popular for some time and they others were not ever far behind in that regard. FallenAngel was just fantastic doing this 'comic.' He is constantly proving himself as one of the best artists to work with and looking over these once again reminds me of how solid that fact is. It was the first story driven set of drawings I ever worked on with anyone. Since then we have worked on others.

The story is about young Matt who decides to go swimming early one morning at the city pool. He is about to encounter a man with something he has never seen before. In front of him is an older man in his 20s. He is a gorgeous East Indian, who has already been showering for some time. His body is radiant. His long hair is so beautiful. Matts teenage hormones take over his better judgment, as he spies a foreskin for the first time. His towel involuntarily starts to lift as blood rushes to his young meat. His heart beats so fast, he is scared and nervous, but curiosity and lust now control his mind and without a thought he asks a question.....

Matt swallows hard and takes a step forward. He looks down at the cock and sees it's already growing. The foreskin remains over the head. Matt's mind is filled with a million thoughts, regarding the stranger and getting caught. The pool is empty this early, but will anyone enter? Still he pushes forward. The Stranger introduces himself as Roshawn. They get a little closer. Matt slowly reaches for the giant cock. He feels the soft foreign skin encasing the head. As he touches it, the skin slides back, it is so cold and soft in his young hands. Roshawn reaches over and grabs Matts Towel...

Matt stands full exposed. There is no turning back now. As his cock is released, it smacks down on the purple head of his new friend. He feels the warmth rise up from moist head. His cock head feels locked between the older mans piss slit. Roshawn prompts Matt to lift up the foreskin and feel beneath it. Matts fingers excitedly explore under the thick skin. The young man then begins to tremble....

Roshawn stands close to his new found friend. He presses his warm body against him. The heat and comfort of another man stops the trembling. He puts his hand on Matts cock and strokes hard below the head. Just as the blond teen is fascinated with foreskins, Roshawn has an obsession with circumcised penises. He loves them, he so enjoys pounding below the mushroom head with all his strength. He knows he should not apply such vigor, the pleasure will be too much, but he cannot help himself. The young man is doing such a wonderful job with his cock. His foreskin has never been played with so intensely. Matts fingers pull on it perfectly, constantly they explore every inch of this cock, trying to see how far they can dive under the skin, how far it can be pulled down and then all the way back up again. Faster and Faster they stroke. Roshawn knows they will both cum very soon and gets a great idea to make is even more special.

Matt cannot take the joy of a foreskin wrapped around his head for the first time for very long. After a few seconds his cock starts to erupt wave after wave of hot cum deep inside of Roshawn. He cannot hold back either, the feel of the twinks head and shaft rubbing against his head and pulling so tight on his skin, sends him right over the edge! He starts cumming all over Matts balls.

Matts lover Danny had secretly been watching from the stall behind them. His cock had been fully hard and aching the entire time he viewed them in silence. He waited for Roshwan to leave the Showers. As he left, Danny makes his move.....

He takes Matt by surprise, lifting up his leg and sliding half his cock in his butt hole with ease. Despite his initial shock he starts to thoroughly enjoy the rhythm of Dannys 14 inch cock moving in and out of his ass. Feeling that big black cock massaging his prostate causes him to grow instantly hard.

Danny Shoves every last inch into Matts ass. As he does this he is driven over the edge. He pulls his lover closer and passionately kisses his back and neck . Between heavy breaths he whispers "I'm cumming." softly in Matts ears. Dannys body shakes with each shot of cum. He feels his sperm pour from Matts ass and cover his balls and legs. The ejaculation causes Matt to shoot a hot jet stream of cum high into the air.


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  1. Oh my! this bring back that funny but hot idea we did on these sets :D yeah that time you careful opening it at work (naughty guy!) - FallenAngel



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