Sunday, January 30, 2011

Valentines in the Kingdom! Yelmo retuns to Tonia and Adonix contiunes his Bara Quest!

Happy Valentines day! XD I always do these kinds of posts the day of, or a day before the holiday, so for once I am gonna do it early! Valentines is the one holiday I seem to forget about till about a day before. I had to buy Valentines the night before on more then couple occasions as a kid. This year I will with the help of some friends show this holiday a little more love!
A couple weeks ago my muse of a buddy Guytoonist gave me a challenge and we sat and thought up dozens of holiday themed ideas. One of the ones I came up with was this image below of Cupid wearing a parka. You often see Valentines specials were it's spring out, but not where I live it's not. It's always during the dead of winter!
I decided that instead of a regular Cupid, Tonia should be put into the role. I knew just who to ask to get it done...Yelmo the man who first gave him life! XD I was happy to find out he had opened his commissions and took one! He worked feverishly and boom here it is for all to see!

It's a big thrill to see Yelmo work on Tonia once again. He has not drawn him since his creation in 09. That's just too long a time span between sweet art! XD He always does an exceptional job on faces. Tonia is very handsome! Love that rich and smooth hair on him. Some polar bears are gonna wanna dip in that honey! The parka is exactly what I had in mind. Sexy and fuzzy! Note the tan is strongest on the head then gets lighter as it moves down the body. This was done to show Tonia has been covering up these days as the temperature has dropped. His legs look very cold! Nice touch! Yelmos veiny cock looks very real too. The fact that they stick out on that pale skin also help establish the chilly feel. Excellent work as always Yelmo! If you are interested in a commission from him, I believe he has some slots open still.

Now on to the second image! This big burly guy is none other then Kid 'Pit' Icarus by Adonix! Adonix has opened up his slots once again and I took a couple. He wanted to challenge his skills by doing more Bara! This one as he put it, almost killed him! XD LOL. He worked really hard on this going over tons of bara images to make sure he got something we would both be pleased with. He wound up with a little big boy overload! I can understand that. XD He did a really cute first draft and about an hour later used that design on a slightly different pose. It was at this point he worked on it really trying to nab the style found on bara bodies. I have to say mission accomplished cause this is as perfectly bara as Icarus will ever get!

Palutinas magic has once again made Pit into a grown man, but this time, something went wrong! He grew up too fast, before his clothes could adjust. His chest burst forth ripping and tearing all but the very top of his shirt. As his cock grew as he got excited and the boner that resulted, tore off his toga. His cock moaned for attention and even in front of the goddess he could not resist taking his burly hands and gently stroking it up and down. The cock bouncing and pulsating towards her begging for attention... The goddess blushed at the sight of the young stud glistening with lust in heavenly light...

Thanks Adonix! You are superb man!

Since we are celebrating the day of love, how about a little Joey and Shyne in the heat of passion? Looks like the men have been struck by Cupids arrow below. WTJohn gave this sketch as a gift to me last year. Johns been going through some tough times, so to cheer him up I sent it off to Caravaggia. She added some color to the encounter. She did a great job, giving it the look of a painting. Her colors really strengthen the lust between the two characters. What I like about it is the way she outlined the boys in certain places. Around the legs and shoulders they look like cut out figures placed on a background like in Paper Mario, or Little Big Planet. It's a very cool touch. I thought the dark subdued tones along with leaving in some of the sketchiness make for a gritty, rawer portrayal of this perhaps inappropriate advance by Shyne. Joey looks like his cock is ready, but his mind is not so sure about doing this at the moment. XD In the soft light, not too far from prying eyes the two will partake of each others flesh. It's a beautiful image and I just wanted to make any excuse to post up the combined efforts of these two artists ASAP!

You know, seeing Yelmo do Tonia as a cupid is fitting because Tonia got a bit of inspiration from Brad Patton. Brad you might know played an Angel in I think his final movie with Falcon, Heaven To Hell. I have included a gallery of his promotional images below. (Made for net distribution.)
I did a review for that movie back in the day, I would post it here, but it's not very relevant 6 years later. XD


  1. Hot drawings and hot model :D - FallenAngel

  2. Those model images with the angel wings actually FRIGHTEN me. XDD I think because it's so soft and feminine, those wings, to me. But he's like... big guy. XD
    Looks also like Pit has grown up a bit since I last remember him. LOL But good stuff all over! The WTJohn sketch is really adorable and Cara's coloring works with it, really well. ^^ Yelmo's wing work rocks too. :B Nice images.

  3. Brad is my God, i love him as God, his noble Cock, his regal Orgasm, his divine and delicious Sperm.

  4. i wrote Nonsense.



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