Thursday, January 13, 2011

Things that Influenced me, Fatal Fury Porn!

Last night the blog hit over 500,000 page views! So to celebrate I am going to continue my daily blogs and do some things like this. One of the first sex comics I ever came across that featured video game characters (That didn't feature Chun-Li and Cammy as dicks girls) was this manga called Red Hot Swapping, part of the Yuri and Friends series. A good friend of mine gave this to me while I was in college. He actually saved it onto discs, cause back then the hotmail storage space was too small and there were no jump drives yet. (I don't think anyway.) So yeah, going back to about the year 1999!

Now, you might wonder why a gay man would be so turned on by a straight hentai? First off it features two blond brothers having sex in front of each other, which is pretty steamy to start with. As well, unlike some mangas the guys are not placed off to the side, or hidden. The men are not treated like secondary characters, or pieces of meat, unidentified bodies needed to host a penis so that the main focus is the woman like in a lot of hentai. Their bodies and faces are pretty much always present, meaning we can enjoy their reactions to the sex and take in those wonderful perfect forms. They also have something to say. XD Second said brothers are two of the hottest guys in the world of video games. I had been infatuated with the characters for some time, especially after seeing Fatal Fury the motion picture. Oh, Joe in Speedos...I really wish Joe was here as well....Third off the penises were not censored. They are there and drawn very nicely. Two hot cut members! :D And well read the manga then come back and read the paragraph below! :P

Check out Page 8 and 9. Terry got so turned on by watching his adopted brothers cock spew hot cum, he can't hold back his own any more. He actually admits this out loud just as he cums all over his brothers hot spunk. HAWT! On page 9 the men enjoy a mutual blow job and then cum all over Mary and each others dicks! I have to admit this sent me over the edge many times! Finally the each cum one more time. That's three cum shots in 13 pages! Most porns even a lot of porn comics and anime only feature one orgasm. For a straight comic it had a lot to attract the gay audience.

Back then I didn't have the net at home, so the few comics I could get meant a lot to me. It would be a couple years before I discovered more gay style erotic art and even more time before I would find it in abundance. Back then even straight sex comics were hard to come by for me. Since this is an unauthorized roughly 11 year old hentai, I really doubt there is any harm in posting it here. If anyone feels it should be taken down, please contact me. I find it very hard to find the English version these days so at least I am doing that service. I know where you can find this in Spanish and French if anyone is interested. Gay stuff coming tonight I promise!

Joe Higashi in Speedos...HOT.

I have no idea who drew this, but it's the one image I had of Joe nude for some time.
And of course his head is cut off.


  1. Ohhh Fatal Fury Masami Obari's masterpiece when the OVA was out it was "dubbed" as "Beautiful boys that Da vinci would envy" when it reviewed in Animerica man those where the days :D - FallenAngel

  2. LOL was it really? That's awesome. I gotta go look through my old Animericas for that. I don't think I have the review issue. XD Ah Animerica, that was such a great mag.



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