Monday, January 24, 2011

Marvel Vs Capcom 1970's Magic Sword Gag

FallenAngel caught me in a playful mood the other day. We had talked about doing something with the game Magic Sword since the spring of 2010. Here the Hero has opened the door to find Tarzan is enjoying his imprisonment very much. Conan the Barbarian stands waiting impatiently...who will the hero choose to accompany him further?

The picture turned out nicely. Fallen had fun doing the mock up game screen, which was a big surprise for me! He even did up a version minus it. I had this handed to me a few days ago, but my weekend was busy, so I will be playing catch up today and tomorrow. XD Fallen did an outstanding job on the penises I thought. We decided t have each one uncut, to give them more of a 'time long ago' feel to as Fallen put it. I really like hot big he got Conan here, it's a great body and pose. The Hero turned out to look very cute in his style. It's fitting to see such a classic dude done this way. Tarzans pose is very ape like. XD Poor guy, he was probably in there for days and the second he wanted to jerk off, there was someone at the door. Isn't that always the way? XD

This was fun to commission, cause we had been bouncing ideas around for some time. For what ever reason, something else would always come up and Magic Sword would be once again put to the side. Lord knows how many ideas I had jotted down somewhere. Getting refs was not easy let me tell you. We both scoured the net looking for character images back in the late summer months to see if there was anything out there we didn't already have. Actual art of the main hero character is pretty rare. Screen shots from the game were the most useful thing we gathered. If anyone wants to do something with the characters from this classic game, I think I amassed a pretty decent collection if anyone wants me to share it.

Since I was on the theme of Capcom I decided to add this great image from Rackun. My gosh, this is from mid 2009 and I never actually posted it here! This was done during the gender bending phase I had with Darkstalkers characters. Rackun does a lot of really hunky anthros. I gave him the ultimate challenge of trying to make a stud out of Q-Bee and he did a wonderful job. The piece proved to be popular and I have since seen a couple other artists successfully attempt to do similar things with the character. Rackun did some kick ass foreskin action and really made Q-Bee and Rikuo into some cuddly bears! XD I had plans to commission Rackun again, cause once he started on the image he was fast and very friendly. Sadly, as with many best laid out plans, things got pushed to side time and again and nothing further ever came be. I regret that, but who knows what the future will hold? :) He certainly has not vanished and you can check him out at the link below!

My reaction at the time:

I wanted to see a really pumped up Rikuo and a Drone version of Q-Bee and
I just knew I had to call on Rakun for that! As one look in his gallery will tell you he knows how to do anthros and muscle men like no body's business. It was really great to work with you.
I figured if Q-bee likes to eat, he will love to be eaten too!
This is awesome man, better then I could have hoped. Q-Bee is a tough one and you really pulled him through. He is exactly what I was looking for! I knew I could count on you! Love the stretchy foreskin on Rikuo, that is so hot. Nothing like a a good foreskin pull!!!:heart: And you made Rikuos face so cute in your own style! I love it! :heart: :happyhappy:
I hope we can do more projects together in the future.


  1. I might have been unaware of you getting something from Rackun, and that was so long ago now too. XD I admire the art style and the image here looks really nice. ^^ It's rare to see Rikuo lately so it's funny to have a new entry with him! XD

  2. Yeah bro! It's 'bout time I played some major catch up on this blog! LOL. Place needs more Rikuo, poor guy kinda fell off the charts. Maybe Urbanmusiq?

  3. You never know. :3 You have a lot of friends and resources to get some Rikuo work DONE. The power of Rikuo compels you. :0

  4. Woho! Rackun art hotty :D - FallenAngel

  5. I love the Magic Sword artwork. Brave One is up there on my list of hot blonde barbarians. ;D



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