Monday, January 10, 2011

The Hidden Penis of Micheal Whelans John Carter of Mars Revealed?

Okay before you think I am going all X-Files, no this is not gonna become a conspiracy blog! Yesterday Busiris asked me if the Mars books were porny. Well, no, they are not porny. The comics do bring in some sex, but the novels are more passionate then anything else. The lustful bond between John and Dejah is so strong and so pure that your imagination will run wild. The fact that John runs around basically naked as I have mentioned doesn't hurt either. There is an actual comic out there where the artist drew all the characters in the nude. It's a good interpretation, except for the fact that all the characters are well, pretty ugly. So that kind ruins the elegant eternal youth of the people the book describes.

Getting back to the blog topic, I have been a huge admirer of the Micheal Whelans covers for the John Carter of Mars series that he produced in the late 70's and early 80's for Del Ray Books for some time. So much so that I have sought out these copies on E-bay and in book shops. I think that he, along with Joe Jusko are the two artists that really did an excellent job capturing the characters. They created designs that truly matched the descriptions in the books. That being said, you have to wonder to what lengths he might have gone in capturing the spirit of the book.
I was getting some refs for an artist yesterday when my viewer increased the size of his Princess of Mars book cover. I glanced over at John Carter and noticed something between his legs. Now call me crazy and I am sure you will, but when you look at the area just right you can clearly make out the head and shaft of a circumcised penis. You can also kinda make out his testicles as well. Now you have to wonder, did he originally intend to show John Carters penis and was rejected by the publisher? Did he lightly paint over what was there, leaving hints that only could be found my increasing the image, using technology he never would have thought the common public would have? XD I thought John might have some cloth around his waist, but no, it's just shadows. John is naked here from the waist down. He has what may be a belt, but that's about it. Like the infamous face of Mars, am I just seeing something that isn't there? XD Well you be judge!

Now here are a couple things to note that might support this. Just like in the book, Dejah has exposed breast and does not appear to have any covering over her vagina, or bottom. You will notice the Tharks are naked around the groin, but are covered up. As you can see in his later covers, he was not afraid to draw John in the nude.

Here is a treat, all of the covers he did for Del Ray. Enjoy!

Gods of Mars

The Warlord of Mars

Thuvia, Maid of Mars

The Chessmen of Mars

The Master Mind of Mars

A Fighting Man of Mars

Swords of Mars

Synthetic Men of Mars

Llana of Gathol

John Carter of Mars


  1. I was intrigue, the Master Mind of Mars was John got brainwashed by that scientist? and I see that most Mars creatures all got 6 or 4 arms :D and hot art DP *drool*

    you might say the "shaded" parts would be the teasing or censored on nude men, and let your imagination run wild with it.

    I do wish the comic was nude in an utmost sexy guys and gals, love to see such novel translation so direct.

    - FallenAngel

  2. Yep most Creatures on Mars have many limbs. They also are said for the most part, to have no nails, something that is often forgotten. I don't think John gets brain washed in this book. I have not read it yet, but I did read the comic version of it.

  3. Haha XD Oh you, DP. Your mind shows what it wants to see! LOL well no, actually it's quite possible. He IS naked, right? Super shadow-pants! I love when TV shows do that too. Animated programs mostly. Yeah my questions show you just how obscenely uninformed I am of the series. XD;;; awww me....

  4. Ha ha ha I am sure I am trying to see a penis there no doubt, but the more I look at it the more I am convinced. You bring up a good point about him being naked. I have been going over it because of that question you posed and the more I look it the more I see that it's not cloth, but his bare skin with some of his natural groves and lines in the skin visible. If he was wearing something you would be able to make it out like in the later images. I am sure he is naked. I will have to edit the post a bit.

  5. I see your point but I personally suspect it's a coincidence. As much as I would love for it not to be! ;) BIG THANKS for all these cover scans. They are a delicious treat indeed! I love John in the last image especially. Don't you think that JC's vest looks a little He-Man inspired at times? It's also interesting that you don't mention Frazetta along with Whelan and Jusko. Do you not like his take on Barsoom?

  6. You are welcome for the cover scans Kid Nova. Interesting comparison to He-Man. It's kind of confusing, cause there are various publications dates associated with the book found on various sites. These covers actually started production in the late 1970's. I would wonder if Matel didn't take inspiration from these images for He-Mans costume! That would be cool.
    Frazettas art is great! Sadly, he never colored the Martian Princess Red in any of the images. That's a big detail to miss.



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