Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happy Australia Day Mates! Meet Nate!

Bloody chunder! It's Australia day today (Already past in the actual country at this point) and do you know what that means? Little Joey is a year old today! XD In celebration of that I thought I would do a little retrospective type post today. Present a little bit 'o the wonderful images of him and his rival Nate Cha Boi that have never appeared here, or at all! Can't believe these never got posted.

So, okay Nate hasn't really starred in a heck of a lot images at this point. He's an interesting character, who has been slowly been evolving in my mind. Basically he's an Aborigine who seemingly views Joey as little more then a Kangaroo to hunt, despite his obvious human qualities. Nate was inspired by a lot of things, not the least of which being my obsessions with Australia and Bugs Bunny. Most of my original ideas stemmed from trying to create a Bugs Bunny/Elmer Fudd relationship between the two. (His name obviously a tip of the hat to a Loony Tunes character.) One day while looking through some travel magazines, it hit me and I started to doodle a rival from the outback. A co-worker saw my original sketch and name and took a liking to him. So I kept doodling him.

Coming up with cartoony ideas can be a lot of fun. You can come up with some cute stuff. It's not always the easiest platform to create steamy image off of. I find they work best if you use multiple images to really get the joke, or message across. So I started to explore other avenues to take in depicting their relationship. Nates appearances were cut a bit short, because I planned to do up a series of images, even a comic to flesh out his back story and relationship with Joey. Since this never happened I didn't move forward with the character. With any luck, this will come to be this year.

So how did Nate evolve? Well the first person to draw him was Maduinshorn. I talked about him and described him one day, even sent out some images. Mario is quick with a pencil and intrigued by the character, sketched up a sexy representation I am proud to show off today. Marios enthusiams in my little doodles always gives me faith in ideas and concepts. This image, way more then my sketches became the image I used for artist to base him on. I was really grateful to Maduinshorn for creating such a delightful image of him. His portrayal gives one the image of a strong, silent, diligent hunter. The woodsman is a respectable, strong and wise representative of his tribe.

Caravaggia was on the case at the same time as Mario from what I remember. Her image really captured that Loony Tunes feel. I showed her a few images of Bugs and Elmer. At first I thought about using a bow and arrow, but I remember she suggested using the boomerang. It makes the image a little more playful and light hearted. That and I also think everyone just likes a giant boomerang! XD She changed his hair to make it slicker and dropped the dreads. This was something that I really liked. (I love both styles equally however.) She did a great job on this one. In fact if you watch the cartoon A BUSHY HARE You will recognize the background here at about 2 mins in! I don't know if Caravaggia even realized it! Her Joey is like a cute 'plush boy toy'! I love those big toes! LOL. Ah, if Winnie the Pooh was naughty.... XD

Now to get the fully story on this, you have to check out her blog link below. I can't do it the justice she did. XD She even has animated images that show the creation of the image from start to finish:

Next was a combined effort between Sirio and Caravaggia! Again going with the hunter and pry idea, we mixed in some light water sports as well. :P Sirio did a fantastic job on Nate. He turned into a big cuddly bear of a man. He looks so dang huggable! He's one of those characters you wish you could pull off the page and squeeze! His nudity is just so natural and playful. :P Caravaggias coloring really brings out his every perfect muscle on his body! She's a saint. This image was HUGE and she incorporated a foggy early morning into the background. Perfect for hunting! XD You guys might remember Sirios 300 image. Well, this was actually sketched on the same page! It was a lot to take in with all these hunks staring at me at once! Her Joey is really cool, cause she made him so very tall! LOL. I asked her if I could see him that way and he looks great this way. It makes him look light and quick. Being taller then your hunter adds something to the saga.

Finally, an image I could have sworn I posted here, but found out I didn't! This one is of Nate Cha Boi by FallenAngel. He went with my original sketch, making Nates frame smaller, but still very well built, instead of big and beefy. He looks like a spinter here. This body would provide speed he would need to chase after Kangaroo men. His hair once again is depicted as thick and smooth. In this picture, Fallen gave him a different style of face paint. He took inspiration again taken from my very first sketch of him. (As best as anyone can interpret the lines on that doodle, lol.) He gave him cool armlets and a really funny bit of war paint showing a 'no kangaroos' sign. XD His awesome image of Nate is that of a lean mean hunting machine.

Well that's about all I have regarding Nate at the moment. I am in the process of requesting more of him with Joey and hopefully his story will be revealed before Spring comes! :D

One of my original images of Nate. He looks very elfish here for some reason. I got a lot of nice comments regarding this one. I was surprised. XD

Couldn't resist posting this! My Boomerang Won't Come Back used to be played on the radio here and at school every Australia day. I don't know if they still play it.

A little Classic Bugs Down Under for ya!


  1. Haha so appropriate for Australia Day indeed ! ^^ Great choice ! I love Nate by Maduishorn.

  2. ^_^ Nate woho - FallenAngel

  3. I'll spend a little bit of time wondering WHAT Australia day is (like are presents given out under a the Tasmanian bush tree? lol joke) but I'll also say that it's great to see how much your guy has been in images and continues to grow. Hope to see more. ^^

  4. Yay happy Australia Day to me! ;) Thanks for the attention. :D

  5. Thanks for posting these, and thanks to the artists for making them! I've wanted to see more of Nate since I first saw him on Caravaggia's blog.

    "His nudity is just so natural and playful." -- as it probably should be, given how little most Australian tribes usually wore. :-)

  6. Thanks Aaron! I am sure the artists will really appreciate you wonderful comment, I know I did! :D I hope to get started on some ideas with him some time soon.



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