Tuesday, January 11, 2011

There is a NEW Lum Urusei Yatsura! :D

How long has it been? Like 20 years right? My gosh, Ranma and Lum were 2 of the first animes I fell in love with. For some reason I knew about Lum for a very long time before she ever made it to these shores. (I had a lot of Asian friends growing up.) I found the little promo video with Ranma, Inuyasha and Lum on Youtube some time ago. All the information regarding it stated that the anime was created to promote an event and nothing more was in production. Once again the school ground that is the internet was wrong and three new OVAs appeared. There is also a brand new Ranma 1/2 episode as well! They are both way too funny, show casing the best of both cartoons. (And putting to shame a lot of todays anime in the process.) It was so great to hear Ataru, Lum and the gang bantering at each other once again.
Sadly I can't find a decent fansub anywhere. The only one I found above from Youtube uses the text bubble technique. Much like playing Enslaved Journey to the West, a lot of the dialog appears too soon, or too late, or not at all. To be honest, the guy did a fairly admirable job. If anyone knows of any official subs, or better fan subs please let me know. :)

When ever I see stuff like this I like to stroll on over to E-bay and see what the sellers have to temp my nostalgic urges. Let's take a look at what I found. :P

This is a KAIYODO 6 inch figure. It's super cute and affordable. I almost bought it. Love how the person taking the pictures got all this great pervy angle shot! XD The description says she can sit on top of a water bottle...um..okay...not sure why I would want to put her there, but certainly an interesting feature.

This is a Figma Lum figure. Despite it's many articulations and accessories, I just don't like it much.

Now if I had about $100 to blow I would purchase this wonderful figure of Lum and Ten together. This is just awesome!

This was the nicest item I found and pretty affordable too. It's a note book probably from the late 80s. This classy art of Lum was done by the same artist that worked on much of the merchandise for Ranma 1/2 as well. (Thanks Devilman!) This style and seeing all that bad English really takes me back! Really gives you that warm feeling of those days of youth long gone, ya know? I didn't purchase this as yet.

All right, I am all over Lum now, so here is some examples of that artists work I found on various sites over the years. Enjoy!

Lum the Goddess?

Lum the Warrior!

Hello Ranm...I mean Lum!

Totally 80's Space Warrior designs! :D

Awe! Hello dere Lumu-chan!

Color her hair purple and you've got Shampoo! XD

Jungle Queen Lum!


  1. Its a shame we didnt had Lum around here soo far D:!!!!

    Great collection of images, i love those designs!! I think we mostly like it because its the style that defined anime for our generation

  2. Yeah I agree. This style was very prominent back then. I had a Ranma wall scroll in this style.

  3. If you talked to me about it, I wouldn't have known what you meant until I saw images. I am familiar with this, after all! XD
    Inuyasha was my first exposure to that artist for those franchises, but I do love the style. I miss those older Anime, and a lot of new stuff just isn't the same to me. D:

  4. Funny on me, I was a ranma fan and Lum didnt reach here as well but I admit as Rumiko's first character she's her predecessor's main gal rawrrr! - FallenAngel

  5. Ah I am not surprised Lum didn't make it to the shores of the Philippines, due to it's racy content. Even the commercial lead ins had boobs in them. :P

    Hey Bu, I am not surprised that you know this one! You are usually really good with anime, so I would guess you might have seen Rumikos works here and there! :D Sigh, I have to agree, they don't make 'em like they used to eh? XD



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