Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Captain Of The Mayan Guards

Long ago in the ancient days of 2011, FallenAngel, Raul, Karolux, Yelmo, Sirio and myself created a big birthday bash for Lastmanouthere.  We drew many fun images, including the story of Ixy's 'page boy', an over overzealous guard that came to be named Ixtan.  In the months that followed that wild day, Lastman started working on many new characters.  One of these was left on the drawing board for close to 4 years. After having lost much of the work done on him,  I'm happy to say that he has been resurrected!!! 

Originally just an every day Mayan guy, Lastman found the idea of fleshing the rest of Ixys private protectors intriguing and so he was given a status upgrade!  Ixtan needed someone to keep him under control.  Someone who was higher in social stature, maturity, age and sexual prowess. 
The character below is Yoluk and has one of the finest bodies in all the sun priests domain....

Yoluk wears a light, sheer sarong instead of a breech cloth, like all temple guard at Tikal. This allows them to discard it if needed for some extra mobility during a fight. He also uses a complex neckpiece, which shows his rank as top guard there. Like his trusted underlings Coyopa and Cakulha, his weapon of choice is the spear.  Like all good Mayans they are very skilled at throwing the Atlatl, or Mayan lance.

    Did I mention he has a crush on a certain Mayan god-avatar, who also happens to have a crush on him? Sadly, they are both impeded by their respective stations to act on their feelings, so they each pretend to feel other nothing but respect for each.  Thus they are ignorant of the others real wishes. If they only knew...

Iktan the bodyguard has his place under Yoluk's guard, of course. However, due to his age a low social class, Iktan had to start as a page to Ixy (nobles go right into the files instead of having to prove their worth first.) As Iktan grew up and buffed up, he became more of a bodyguard than a page.

Next time, the reveal of Coyopa and Cakulha!  Hope you will swing by!

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