Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Second Hidden Penis of Micheal Whelans John Carter of Mars?

These are some pictures take from my copy of Chessmen of Mars. The images here are lighter then the scans of the full art by Micheal Whelan that can be found online. (You can see how the image was cropped for publication here as well.) Due to the lighter scan, I noticed something very peculiar about one of the Jetan players. Can you spot it below?

Don't see it? Take a closer look at the player who appears to be wiping his sword on his loincloth...
Here I'll point it out a bit better... XD
What is that hanging down there? It can't be his hand, as the wrist would clearly be filling the space between the digit and the sword. His hand looks to be under the portion of the loincloth cleaning the sword, due to a visible rise in the fabric. No...that's pretty clearly an uncut Martian wiener. The guys lifted up his loincloth and there's obviously no underpants to be found underneath. It doesn't show well here, but when viewed in real life, it almost looks like his balls were slightly drawn as well. XD I would really like to hear what people think of this one.


  1. *chuckles* You're like the private eye of the hidden penis world! ;) I think you could be on to something, although it's very subtle and obscure. I'd be more worried that this guy is gonna slice his own nuts of, his sword is so close to his groin! ;)

    1. LOL Thanks man. XD Yeah he might just do that. Funny what you see when your bored and stare at on old book, eh? Maybe he has to clean it while trying to stay as much on his square as possible. :P You can see it the scan on the older post too. It's harder to see though.



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