Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Chiida Voodoo Trilobite Warrior 2012

This is the first in 4 stunning pieces of art drawn my Urbanmusiq, Leon De Leon. Each one will be colored by Caravaggia. These came about when Leon asked me about doing some sketches about a week ago. We talked about the characters to do and he asked if he could take on the first three characters he ever drew for me. He wanted to take them on once more and put his current level of skill into them, as he put it. The results were all exception. He had such a fun time, he went on to do a forth character as well. Keep an eye out for more as the days go by. :)

I haven't commissioned anyone to draw Chiida in some time. The opportunities to use him are numerous and really I should be using him better at this point. If anything the image has fed the desire for me to commission him more at any rate. I always loved Urbans take on Chiida and this image echos my feels from the previous piece. Urban always does such nice black characters. The features in his face show some maturity in Chiidas age. I like that he has a long ridged nose. His face is so striking I made a comparison between him and a real actor, one of grace and poise. Something the character face accentuates. This time we decided to leave the trilobite legs that grasp him at the torso off. I think it makes for a sleeker look. The legs are menacing enough raising above the shoulders. The trilobite is pretty wild. By keeping the colours bright and simple, Caravaggia really makes it stand out nicely against his chocolate skin. These two working together is dangerous. Her colors really brought forth the muscles of the powerful trilobiteman. I think she made his cock look even thicker and stronger then before. Caravaggia created a great background of an the ancient sea, with a sky that could almost be mistaken for a rock face. Really gives it the look of a time long ago. That long uncut cock will echo through the ages with that backdrop.

Thanks so very you guys. :)

Just in case you ever wondered where I got the name Chiida, it's derived from the order REDLICHIIDA. These were the most ancient race of trilobites dating back to 525 million years ago! It seems that all other forms spawned from them. So when I made the character I wanted Chiidas name to reflect an ancient and wise background.

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