Saturday, March 31, 2012

Disney's John Carter Shows Off His Sword By Yelmo and Aneros

As promised here are the other images of Disney's John Carter nude! Thanks to everyone who filled out the poll. Looks like there was a lot of people that not only enjoyed the movie, but wanted to see artists draw Taylor with his cock exposed in his John Carter outfit. So tonight, here's a continuation of that little wish coming true. For those that answered that they didn't know who John Carter was, well, ha, ha, ha. Explore this blog a bit. Hitting the labels at the bottom of the blog posts might help too. ;D
I asked Aneros at the same time as Fallen and he had this done some time ago. I would have had this up sooner, but I have had a busy week. XD It really wasn't planned to post these at the same time, I decided to do so. One reason was because Aneroes did an uncircumcised version and Yelmo did a circumcised one. I think that's a pretty nice variation to present at once. As always the boys brought their A game to the table and produced some amazing works. Both are very sexy, DUH! Ah, to live on Mars. I envy Dejah when I see the cocks these guys drew! :P

"Hey Thark, this is the Sword of choice for this warlord."

Mmmm that foreskin is yummy like thick, creamy mozzarella cheese on a big hot dog. (Sorry I had pizza and hot sausages for lunch and I can't get the meal out of my mind. Mmmmmmmmmm pizza.) I dig the arch of that cock. You can just imagine it's weight in your hands. Aneros did a sweet job on Carters big masculine chest and long flowing hair. Love those broad shoulders.
For his take we thought it would be funny for John to be pointing out his 'sword' of choice to a young Thark. I really like his take on the Thark too. He's pretty gruesome, but has a wonderful body. I wonder what that cock would look and feel like? :P He did great job aligning his double chests. Sometimes you see some strange body shapes for a Thark, but this leads to something really sexy.

Yelmo had just seen the movie and was really wanting to draw John Carter from the flim. He did a really beautiful job capturing the beauty and majesty of both John and Barsoom. Love the dust storm and the double moons of Mars. His John has a perfectly handsome face, with his hair softly resting against it. If he addresses his me with that cock standing perfectly to attention, John will have his entire legion begging to sit on his lap. Dejah will think she's in bed with a green martain when she feels that huge pole enter her! XD

Thanks guys for the wonderful images. It was a so exciting to watch these come to life. :)

While looking for refs of Taylor Kitsch for the boys, I came across this little ditty. Looks like Taylor did pose nude at one point. Not really surprising, honestly. It doesn't show his wang dang doodle, but it gives me hope that there might be actual frontal shots out there somewhere. ;P

Well this will probably be the last week John Carter will be in the box office top ten. It didn't exactly lite the North American market on fire, but at least it's not the biggest bomb of all time either. If you haven't seen it, your chances to do so on the big screen will soon become slimmer and slimmer.


  1. Yummmeee!!!! Aneros art is soo raunchy looking and i love Yelmos image, hes betting better and better soo fast D: (and Carter fits his style soo good)

  2. Hehee Thark's face is priceless ! XD

  3. Aneros's facial for John is very naughty and proud love Yelmo's pose and distinct atmosphere design for the pose :D

  4. Nicely done on both -- my compliments to the artists!

    As for the movie, on the plus side, a shorter first run means it'll get to my favorite old theater sooner.



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