Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Class Comics Wedding: Sexy Ceremony

As promised here is part 2 of the wedding gifts. First off we have Maduinshorns magical gift. I remember very well, the day we talked about the idea. I drew up something and just kept mentioning character after character to be in the shot along with his own take on Patrick and Fraser. I asked who he thought should be added from my list and Maduinshorn to my shock and delight said "everyone!" As a result this image turned out to be his largest piece of work to date, with 6 characters and a full background. An extraordinary task to take on in the small frame of time he had. He only had maybe about a week and a half, but he set hard at work and had it lined and flat colored 2 days before the wedding.

And now join us as the Men of Class Comics and our own Dimata are about to unleash their cumfetti of the newlyweds!

The picture turned out to be a total triumph as we were told by Patrick that looking at it made him feel like his boys, as well as ourselves were present for the wedding ceremony. ^o^ He could not have chosen nicer words to say. Every single man is super hot. Mario is the master of Bara and it shows so well here in every muscle. Really love Zahn and Dimata here. It's great to see him in comparison to the other men. Cadet is just so nice and HUGE. For once I'm talking about his fantastic chest and torso and not his cock! (Though that's awesome too, with the addition of a circumcision scar.) There's lots of little fun details here. I like how Cadet is momentarily sneaking a glance at Zahn. hee hee.
I was pretty shocked at the level of detail in the background. I think I suggested the bells and a silky bed, but Maduinshorn put in so much more. He added a holly light and filled the room, or cave with the same pure white on the sheets as well. The ones that cascade from the ceiling almost look like tree trunks the way they line up with the leaves. It gives the image a very pure, blessed look. Something I think is needed to be reinforced in an image of gay marriage.

Caravaggias image was a different story, as we were only dealing with two characters and a very large wedding cake. So we could really play around with this one. I wanted to bring back the version of Cadet in his Chef outfit from the Game & Watch tribute we started the year with. He's wiping up a super duper cake complete with cock confectionery and plastic Patrick and Fraser!

This one was really fun to draw up ideas for and watch Caravaggia go to town on. Positioning Cam took some thought. At one point during my early sketching before sending the concept to Caravaggia, Diablo was in the shot scolding Cam, while another sketch had Cam hiding under the table using his tail to steal icing. Caravaggia had the great idea of having Cadet apply icing the Class Comics way, like a cum shot! This comes naturally to these guys at this point. Cadet has great aim and can control applying it in this fashion. He has a lot of experience. XD I thought both characters turned out really great. I love the look of pure childlike joy on Cadets happy face. He kinda glows with delight. Cam turned out awesome as well. It was really exciting to see Caravaggia take on the circumcised, hairy new version of Cam for the first time. She does him very well. Cam is just a naughty cat here. Sure he's looking happy now, but he's gonna get a broom on his head if he's not careful! (Or at least drenched in icing sugar.) I am sure Patrick and Farser would love to lick all the stickiness off both these men once they were done!

The fun thing about both these images was that Patrick and Fraser used the artists renderings of themselves as profile and avatar images on Facebook. As well they wrote some very heartfelt things about each image on the site as well, which was so very sweet,.

Caravaggia had more time on her hands then I thought she did, as while working on the cake image she was also drawing his little surprise up as well. She not only did Patrick and Fraser in her style, she took on 7, yes 7 other characters as well. Amazing! Each one is so very cute and memorable, from the tanned Ghost Boy, to the Rock on Deimos, overwhelmed Felicia, to Zahn who looks like he might be a bit worried he might have missed something as he grabbed a mug of Beer to celebrate. Chug! Chug! Chug!


  1. lovely, Cute and naughty :D - FallenAngel

  2. Hey Dinosaurprince...

    Fraser and I just wanted to say a GREAT BIG HUUUUUGE THANK YOU to yourself and to all of the fabulous artists who created the Wedding celebration art you sent to Fraser and I! WE LOVED IT ALL-- and it's something we will cherish always!

    You guys and gals really helped to make our special day even more memorable. We love you all! Again THANK YOU! :D

    BIG BIG Hugz + kisses all around!
    Patrick ( + Fraser too! )

    1. You are very welcome guys! It was a blast to prepare! ^_^



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