Friday, March 16, 2012

Beach Party Birthday For Adonix

Today is Adonix birthday and to celebrate I have a couple wonderful images to share with you guys. I was happily overwhelmed with the amount of artists that wanted to draw up something for him this year. Due to the amount of great images, I decided to space them out over a couple posts in order to give them a little more room to shine on their own.
The first image tonight comes from a very special friend of myself and the entire gay art community, Devilman! I can't remember if I pitched more then one idea to him, or if it was just this one, but either way, it was a very short time before he sent me a sexy and funny sketch based on the concept. Basically the idea of Snow and Wakka on the beach was inspired by his art of Gadot. Think of it as a sort of continuation of that...what's going on at the other end of the beach. Chaos ensures when a Chocobo mistakes Snows Speedo for food. Guess he should have shared his snow cone! :P

He had too much fun with this picture, I think. :) I love that Devilman has Snow eating a snow cone. Hee hee. It was a lot of fun to watch Devilman work on this. He had lots of time and really enjoyed the process. He gave the characters a lot of thought, like how he pondered the type of Chobo to use. It's awesome to see him drawing Snow again. He gives him such a great look. Nice stubble is always welcome. ;D His Wakka is a tanned and toned treat. He's laughing, but his cock gives away his true feeling regarding Snows exposed uncut cock. Thanks so much Devilman. This is beautifully designed birthday card. :D

The second image tonight is a wicked ass sketch by Maduinshorn. He is really busy with a huge project right now, as well as exams, but he took the time one night to sketch this out all of his own accord for Adonix Birthday! :D

He took on Adonixs very favorite character of all time Squall Leonhart, as well as another beloved character of his Basch from Final Fantasy 12. He took both men and baraed the freaking heck out of them, bestowing upon them some amazingly sexy bodies. The big bara bodies don't end with the bulging muscles and stellar pecks. They have some of the most monsterous uncut cocks that Maduinshorn has drawn. These drooling members are just begging for Adonix to join the party, to take them in both hands and have a Final Fantasy of his own! :P Thanks so much Maduinshorn! :D


  1. Cant say too much of the mess i did xDDD but Maduinshorn´s art is soo hawt!!! He does the best bara characters *_*

    Hope Adonix had fun with his gifts x3


    (All caps so it sticks)



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