Sunday, March 4, 2012

Tonight We Dine In Prehistoric Paradise!

Hey guys! Just a quick Sunday morning post before I head out for the day. I had to share this scrumptious image of Rex by FallenAngel with you guys.

This is the second time Fallen has drawn the luscious green warrior, this time with the focus all on him. :) FallenAngel took the basic concept and as always let his imagination run wild, adding the cute little dino chefs and crying skull. :P They are so funny. I like how the one is looking at the Allosaurus skull like 'It's payback time!" Fallens toning style looks great. He said he had a good time doing this and I start to wonder who that drool on Rex's meat is from! He creatinly highlighted his muscles nicely and gave the peeking dick head a nice moist shine! ;D

Speaking of tasty green things, I am happy to report that the Shamrock Shake is back in Canadian McDonald's for 2012. We don't always get it here. It's natures most perfect drink! XD


  1. Oh dear sweet lord, those nasty ol' shakes. XD I've tried them at least a few times in the past thinking I'd like it and every time it ends up being 1/3rd of the way drank and then I throw it away. lol You'd think I'd learn. At least now I know I can give it to you instead of wasting it. :3

  2. Hmmmmm tasty meat! I better pull out those cookbooks again ^_^//



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