Monday, March 12, 2012

Swinging Into John Carter Collecting

John Carter Swings into action by Joe Jusko.

Hey guys. I've been neglecting this blog a bit. Had a rough time of it to be honest. A relative of mine passed away. I did get a chance to see the Disney's John Carter movie TWICE already. Once on Friday for free and the second time with a friend on Sunday, in an effort to take my mind off things. Which was indeed very nice of him to drag my butt to a movie I already saw, as well as giving me the courtesy of paying for both tickets ..*cough* *cough*.. XD
Anyway FallenAngel has been on my lazy bottom to do a review and I think I will do one. I'm not good with movie reviews. If I get a chance and I am in the mood I think I will try to come up with something. Seeing the movie a second time was certainly for the best. I got more into the spirit of the thing. This morning while doing some funeral clothes shopping I started to look around for John Carter merchandise. There isn't much. Even the Disney Store had nothing. I couldn't find any towels, cups, or toys. I hear the Disney Stores online shop has a selection of goods. I will have to check that out. What I did find was some fun books in a local book shop.

I picked up the 3D book, John Carter Adventures in Another World, the graphic Novel a Princess of Mars and the Marvel graphic novel for the film. I like the 3D book. The pages can be removed and put on your wall. It wasn't really worth the price though. I love the style of the Princess of Mars book, but I haven't had time to read it yet. The Disney Graphic Novel has some great art as well, but again, I haven't really read it yet. My favorite item was the cheapest. John Carter Adventures in Another World comes with the best little feature:


You get a really nice set of stickers. The book itself is only about $3.99 and it's filled with puzzles and activities. Mixed with the black and white visuals from the film, the whole package has a very classic vibe to it. Takes me back to the old books I would get on Superman, Star Wars, Duck Tales, Spider-man etc. Considering stickers can easily cost about $3.00 I think it was well worth the purchase. There's another book called Battle of Barsoom that features 40 stickers and full color pages. It's 2 dollars more, so I will have to snag that up as well. I might get a couple copies so I can stick some on the fridge and other places. Oh John I want you all over me. XD Just kidding!
Here are some pages from the book. Enjoy the puzzles! XD


  1. Interesting booklets you got...seems all are in B n W.....nice still have to wait to kow what Dad think on his free shows (luck seniors LOL) - FallenAngel

    1. Yeah they are just kids books. Funny enough the black and white book is more interesting then the 3D one.
      I hope your pop likes the movie. :)

  2. Agreed, those do look interesting.

    As for me, I'm finally getting around to reading the original books now, so I can see the movie without it affecting my imagination. I just finished the first one (A Princess of Mars) today, and I like the series so far. Books 2 and 3 I'll get to soon; I checked out a one-volume edition of the first three books from the library. If those go well, too, I'll probably look for the rest as well.

    1. It's probably best to read the books first for that reason! XD I always loved the first 3 books of the series. I recently found a few volumes on E-bay for about $3 each. I was able to pick up books 7 and 8 really cheap that way.

  3. Also, I'll probably wait until the movie is at my favorite cheap theater before I go see it. :-)



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