Friday, March 2, 2012

Mighty Hercules Fucks Disney Hercules Special

And now, after years of thinking about it and thinking about it, I bring to you in giant thanks to master MiOworks, the pairing of The Mighty Hercules with Disney's Herc! Enjoy! ^O^

This was such an awesome commission for so many reasons. I had tons of fun thinking of various poses for these two and showing them to MiOworks. Then, we talked about foreskin posing and MiO then showed me a sketch with that really sexily placed skin flap over Mighty Hercs dick. It was so much nicer then I could have imagined. He did an amazing job on both men. This was his first time doing Disney's Hercules and I mean where do I even start? Could those eyes be any more adorable? His puppy dog expression, that look of longing, mixed with uncertainty as Mighty Herc prepares to insert his cock into that puckering pink bum hole is just too much. :D I just love his take on Classic Hercules. He's mixed the character so well with his anime style. The character feels like he was made to be drawn by MiOworks. Ha ha, I love that big old school smile on him. Totally epic./

While doing research for this commission I cam across a lot of interesting things. Stuff ranging from mild comparisons between the two Hercules characters, to some naughty imagery and more. The following images are taken from just one half hour show.

Some Comparisons to Disney's Hercules:

Both have a gold Medal with their symbol around their necks and on their belts. The symbol is different and Disney's Hercules later just wears his on his belt of course.

Both ride on Pegasus. This sort of thing is expected given the source material. Who doesn't want their hero to be seen on the most famous horse of all time?

This is really interesting. There's an episode where Herc faces a wind demon, the master of the winds, or something. His defeat of it is very similar to the way Disney's Hercules destroyed the Titans.
Here he is twirling it around, it's not animated all that well.
He throws it at Daedalus, it scoops him up and flies off into the distance.

Then there's some naughty stuff...

Tewt looking up Hercs Toga and Hercules looking quite proud of his manhood. :P

The most inappropriate grasping of a giant pillar in a kids TV show...(Save and flip through them in succession to really get a feel for how naughty this looks.)

Peter Griffin gave us the Side Boob Hour. The Mighty Hercules gave us Side Butt moments like these:

This comes off looking so wrong... XD

Mild tentacle rape is present...
And then there's this..HELLO!
Double Trouble. Is this not hot? That pose is so sexy and gay it should win an award. I want to find the guy that drew this and shake his hand. XD

Now all joking aside, the show had some really great stuff going for it. For one thing, some of the backgrounds a really lavish. They give it a great feeling of time and place.

Here's the special part of this post. I figure a lot of you out there are probably really interested in drawing Hercules yourselves. Well, if so, you are in luck. Back when the movie came out I bought the How To Draw Disney's Hercules book and here just for all you inspiring artists, are the pages dedicated to Hercules himself. Sorry about the glare. I don't have a scanner, but I hope these big res images will be helpful.

And this might just come in very handy with your pictures of Hercules as well..tee hee..Adonix found that one!

Don't give me that look Herc! You know you love it! XD

That's about it for today. If you would like me to post more how to draw characters let me know by putting in some comments below. The book has all the main cast. Oddly it lacks teenage and baby Hercules. I hope you enjoyed this post!


  1. This post was fun as hell.

    Go head wi'cha bad self! (also I love lavish greek backgrounds like that. It goes back to the "Fantasia" love we spoke of previously. hehe)

    1. Thanks Jubell. It was really fun to write too. :D As I do more posts about this character, I will try to find more nice backgrounds.

  2. Nice and MiO hots Hercules is great!



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