Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gadot Relaxes In The Nude By Adonix

Just right now Adonix surprised me with this vision of youth and beauty. Gadot from Final Fantasy XIII has met the pen of Adonix in the past, but never so erotically as today! :D

Gadot looks like he is longing for you to come and fill his hole. He's probably wondering what he could use in the world of Final Fantasy for a Dildo. The more I see of Gadot the more I feel the character should have been more then a temporary party member. He's got such style and appeal in his design. (That and he's a total hunk.) Adonix really brings forward a vision of a luscious lipped, tender lover here. Certainly a side of the hero many fans will be happy to see. :D I love how his cock is big and really thick, but not overly long. It's got a very nice charm to it in that way. Awesome job Adonix! :D

If you guys want to see more Gadot love, then you HAVE to check out Devilmans take on him from 2010.

That's more action then any beach in Final Fantasy 13 saw previous! XD

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