Saturday, March 10, 2012

Gay Dinosaurs In the Moonlight

Tonight, another National Geographic Tribute from Caravaggia and myself. Our picture this evening was done in honor of the mighty brontosaurus painting from the same magazine as previous. Romer has slid down a vine and landed on an older sauropods head, just to pose and wink for you guys!
I thought Caravaggia did a wonderful job on both Romer and the brontosaurus. She have him some sweet muscles for sure. Caravaggia always does black men so lovely and she really shined with this take on Romer. It was the way he was posed and the bright smile on his face that I found most endearing. The brontosaurus reminds me of Little Foots Grandfather. ;P He has exceptional detail. Caravaggia did both a moonlight and sunset version of the image. She played with the hues and created night colors for Romer, which was really awesome of her. It's nice how she drew the grass blowing in the wind. This little touch alone gives the viewer a window into the scene. You can feel the wind in the cool early evening in your minds eye.

A heard starts to settle down as the cold Jurassic night begins. Ah, to be alive then.....

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