Monday, March 12, 2012

Dimata Logo By Prince Of Hearts

This is the first commission I ever had done by an artist named Prince of Hearts. After seeing the big, burly, sailor man he drew named Nico, I wanted to see what he could do with Dimata in a similar pose. I hoped he could bestow upon him the very same sweet cartoony charms and my wish came true. I drew up a sketch and he set right to work. He used the concept for the bases of his work. The vines became wood, the name flipped upwards so not to distract from his uncut cock. The dinosaur was dropped for a vast, misty mountain range. (Very nice.) His Dimata is absolutely delightful. I love every aspect of him, from his perfect tusks to his happy little blue eyes! The coloring is so clean and smooth. He even thought to add some shadow on Dimatas chest from his tusks!

Concept Sketch by me. :P

He even sketched him up in a similar pose to his sailor as sweet little gift! Love that smile!!! :D

Thanks so much PrinceofHearts.

You can check out his works here:

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  1. Love Dimata's smile and awesome rendition and coloring :D



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