Saturday, November 22, 2014

Mayan Warrior Ueuecoyotl, The Very Old Coyote‏

Today I present to you guys the newest in Lastmanouthere and I's stable of ancient Mexican studs.  Ueuecoyotl is an Aztec, rivals to the more peaceful Mayans, of whom Ixy and Nehme belong.  Even among his blood thirsty race (Ixy's words not mine) he is regarded as harsh and brutal man.  It is rumored he was able to stun potential victims through a combination of the powerful gaze created by his blood red eyes and his otherworldly good looks.  His hauntingly handsome stare was capable of penetrating the very heart and spirit of said victim.  Even when paralyzed as they were by his beauty, weakened and ready, they could not deny they felt the darkness that flowed from every shadow of his muscular body. Were did this evil emanate from? 

Ueuecoyotl is a henchman to Lord Tenson. Originally  Miztli's second in command, he resented him because Miztli overlooked him when it came to naming new Jaguar Knights; Miztli thought Coyotl needed more discipline and honor before being awarded the honor. Coyotl remained just a jaguar brother, below the knight rank, hence his use of the head as a shoulder pad and not helmet like Janatu the Brave one had before his death. Nevertheless, Miztli kept him as his second in command, believing someday the man would become a good general. Coyotl while jealous of Janatu, was more then happy to let the world take in all the glory of his handsome face, instead of hiding it behind an animal head. 

Coyotl has an impressively large phallus.  One that stands out even among our other boys, due to it's curvy banana like shape.  The peel on this heavy 14 inch banana is extra hefty.  His foreskin is almost 2 inches deep,making his cock extremely heavy at the end. Only a true warrior could get that thick dick up time and again in one night. 

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